Headline news on January 26, 2016

"The official app packed with all of Detective Conan is born !!" So, from February 2016, the official portal application (excluding Wednesday) will be updated for the comic of Detective Conan every day for one episode "Detective Conan portal applicationIt was decided to be delivered. Within the application, besides manga, you can also get a story tell a story from stakeholders, a comic stamp of a name scene of a manga, wallpaper limited to an application.

Incidentally, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

IBM is expected to carry out a dismissal of 110,000 people, which is the largest ever in the past with poor performance - GIGAZINE

I modified Doppelganger 's folding bike to make it a partner around the world - GIGAZINE

McDonald's releases the process until potatoes become mac fly potatoes - GIGAZINE

How many ultra-rich people monopolize about 44% of the world's total assets, where do you live? - GIGAZINE

Disney Princess's Sexy Pin-Up 2012 Calendar - GIGAZINE

Figure comparing the strength of the smell of delicious foods around the world by numerical figures - GIGAZINE

◆ Story (memo · various others)

【Sad news】 Chunichi Dora 1, Unagatto breakfast is funny | 2 Channels Summary Blog - Alfalfa Mosaic

◆ Science (science · academic · technology)

◆ Society, Politics, Economy (Incidents · World News · Business)

[The core of the shock incident] "Small devil" 75-year-old grandmother is comfortable with coma robbery sexism ... Damaged in the court Men also ale of strange (1/4 pages) - Sankei WEST

"All Okinawa" ripples of defeat Ginowan mayor mayor's election, light and dark: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Tsutaya: Use notification card for member registration Government "not appropriate" - Mainichi Newspaper

According to Tsutaya PR department, the company used a notification card from 16th October last year to confirm the identity combined with the insurance card and utility bill. Employees visually inspected the name and address stated on the card. When receiving confirmation from the outside that "it is not inappropriate", I confirmed it with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, and as a result, I answered "not suitable". The company plans to instruct shops nationwide not to use notification cards for identity verification.

Nomura denied controversial prosecution content at former prefectural trial trial NHK News

Ryutaro Nonomura, a member of the Hyogo Prefectural Assembly, declared that he had made a day trip to Kinosaki Onsen in Hyogo Prefecture and Tokyo etc. for three years until July, a lie report, etc., a political activity cost 9.1 million yen He was prosecuted at home for a crime such as fraud as he deceived the remainder.

Sagamihara City Council Chairperson White Paper Number Suspected Former Secretary General sent documents, NHK News

Daiko of waste food cross-streaming, the darkness of "hidden warehouse" | Food industry | Toyo economic online | New standards of economic news

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)
Approximately 189,000 households in Kyushu, Shikoku, and Chugoku districts NHK News

In Kyushu, Shikoku and Chugoku district, there is a water cutoff which is thought to be caused by breakage of water pipe due to severe chilling. According to the NHK summarizing through local governments in various places, as of 11:00 am, there are approximately 189,000 households that are shut off.

To withdraw from Japan within Ford's US Forum NHK News

According to the documents sent by Ford to employees, Ford said that it will end sales in the latter half of Japan and will withdraw from all business in Japan. Regarding the reasons for withdrawal Ford cited the inability to expect profits to be worth the investment and can not anticipate securing profits and that the market will shrink in the future in Japan, and all employees in Japan are expected to be dismissed about it.

Patient with living liver transplant, died at the place of transference Surgery at the hospital in Kobe: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Kushiro explores the use of simplified orbit heritage "Holy Land of the Railroad" Search Kushiro | Toshin Web / electronic version (Higashi)

The possibility of games and Buddhism seen in "Ozumi Azume" that the monk made, Traveling blog of Katsuhiko Horiuchi (Hooru)

The first katakana holidays that may change during sports day, sports day: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Is Snow White an obscene? Canceling viewing at a private school Parents protests "expressive association of sexuality" protest - Sankei news

Is this a joke of something? Is morality more important than the Actual State of Surprise of Elementary School 'Moral Education'? | | Wisdom of Wisdom | Contemporary Business [Kodansha]

Is Dodgeball a bully? (Taniguchi Teruyuko) - Individual - Yahoo! News

NEWS23 Mr. Hoshihiro as a caster Asahi Shinbun Special Editor: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Seven "Donuts are delicious!" →: Leisure time \ (^ o ^) / Breaking News - Livedoor blog

◆ IT · Gadget (Net · Soft · Hard · Mobile)
"Amazon's personal information and purchasing information are spilling out" was serious. - Canadie's diary

【Question】 Why are we Japanese SNS profile images not personal figures? STAY MINIMAL

Sakura Internet, commencing efforts to "high-power computing" specialized in computation

Cellular Companies Correct "2-Year Restraint" Method Extend Free Transfer Period (1/2 Pages) - Sankei News

Computer path of Han (Otoko): A new keyboard story (ErgoDox)

Thousands of Web sites are infected worldwide with mass injection | Symantec Connect Community

U.S. Twitter shares, declining - Executive officials postponed management postponement observation spread - Bloomberg

Smartphone password unusable. Reconsider 'Emmental strategy' aiming for net banking again | Trend Micro Security Blog

Modern history of trend information and graphics of infographics | Ideas - Design magazines of the world

"Insecam" site collecting security cameras that are not properly restricted access, as topics | Slad security

Application installation advertisement thorough comparison! Summary of features of Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo! | Feedforce Full Power Blog

I bought a bit awesome logger | Developers.IO

[News] Expand Wi-Fi usage range by relaying radio waves of wireless router! Launch "wireless LAN repeater" up to 867 Mbps with 11ac compatibility that automatically realizes optimal communication from 4 modes

News - [follow-up] Failure with My Number System, Failure to Add Relay Server Continued: ITpro

Rakuten Co., Ltd.: Rakuten Ichiba will start offering virtual trial fitting services | News

Seawater compatible, headphone integrated Walkman (R) new series with dustproof and cold-proof performance released | Press Release | Sony

◆ Anime · Game · Manga (Subcar)
Finally the cartoonist clone technology is put to practical use? : Ninja Slayer Mujirushi Commikalize: The same writer starts two separate episode parallel series in two magazines - Ninja Slayer Official Fan Site: Neoshitama Brain IRC space

Release date of Mighty No. 9 | "Mighty No. 9" official website

I have to do a very disappointing announcement this time.
Although we aimed for release of Mighty No. 9 in February, we have carried out amending around the network and transplanting work, but the problems occurring in the network are more deeply rooted than expected and the launch on February 9 was released again I was forced to postpone. We wanted to report this earlier, but we could not give up to February launch until the end, and we continued working until the last minute. However, it has come to a situation where postponement can not be avoided and it is now to report this.

Always get a bit coin Brain Triaple I tried BrainBattle 【App Review】 - Hurry up if you hurry!

Since it is just about 60 seconds when 1 play 50 seconds and reading time are combined, when converted into hourly wage

2.6 yen × 60 minutes = 156 yen (hourly wage)

It will be cheaper when this is done ....
Well then, in order to reach 50 million Satoshi allowed to transfer ...

I am 38299 Satoshi in seven playings, so it is calculated that I get 5471 Satoshi around 1 play. By dividing 50 million by this,

Play 9139! It is! It is! It is! No, it is impossible.

【Sad news】 Mah-jong comic stripes lonely gourmet: spare time \ (^ o ^) / Breaking News - Livedoor blog

I want to quit Soshage - Otobo Q & amp; A site [hasunoha]

Notice of Establishment of "Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC"

"Manga library Z" is petit flames! Is it? Support as an official writer · Statement expressed - Manga original authors Inohara Sai BLOG

On the echo of Mangapedia and the difficulty of manga DB - Togetter Summary

JAGMO legendary rhapsody - THE LEGENDARY RHAPSODY - Saturday, March 5, 2016 (Saturday) 6th (Sun) Game Music Full Orchestra Concert

Movie company "Nikkatsu" to enter game development, the first bullet title is "Tattoo" themed dispute simulation game "Tattoo no Kuni" | AUTOMATON

◆ Sports · Entertainment · Music · Movie (Entertainment)
Iwanami Takuya and Naito Ueda spun 5 and half years. "Ultimate combination" revived as U-23 representative. - Japan national football team - Number Web - number

Iraqi media, the Rio Olympic Games in Japan proved to be inferior to the A representative in terms of achievements at the international convention! Kanakura Forestry does not rush on provocation: footballnet [soccer summary]

'J League Mascot General Election 2016' began accepting voting: Domestica blog

C · Ronaldo is also furious!? Football world shivering contracts leakage media ripples all over the world | SoccerMagazine ZONE WEB / Football Magazine Zone Web

38-year-old Buffon suggests retirement after the World Cup "I'm going to take off the shutter" | Football King

◆ Movie ◆ Ultimate crotch extraction skill that holds his head with both hands unintentionally with DF in overseas boys' soccer completed!

Mr. North Korea "Hell Yakkei Hell" This is the speech found half a century ago: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Baseball catch: Lotte director Ito's work record wwwwwww

I would like to see Mr. Kaneko Makoto and Mr. Kosaka Makoto 2 games: Ogae @ Marines Summary Blog

Deployment that pitchers who should have sent out with trust should be addicted to flames: Insane @ Nan J

Asahi Tenpen's thoughts behind the expression of "Japanese origin" / serial 2 - sumo sumo: daily sports

Why did anyone see the Star Wars from EP 7 saw the "only" stormtroopers disappointing? - Everything's Gone Green

◆ New product (clothing / food / housing)
Ao Hata | Low sugar content jam "Ao Hata 55 Jam" series All 11 kinds are renewed completely

"Body of Sukyaka Brown W"
February 1 package renewal launched New TVCM will also start airing on February 2nd | Corporate information | News release: Coca-Cola Japan Coca-Cola Journey

Release / S-BEE Food / New Products / "Seasonal Feast Curry Day Nasu and Midomi Pumpkin Minced Calably Medium"

Release / S-BEE Food / New Products / Golden Curry Retort

Release / S-BEE Food / New product / Rumor's famous store "Osaka Amaterasu Beef Curry Vivid Dry"

(PDF)Launched "Waffle" and "Sand Cake" Suites Plan 2 items of sun carcose with less than 10 g of moist even on February 1, 2016 (Monday)

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