"Tubeman" swollen with air swaying with clown cunya Nya was born this way

A doll blowing air into an elongated tube with exquisite power and breaking up and erecting with Kanyakunha is called "Tube Man" or "Air Dancer", so you can see the sight used at the event venue There is. When and when who made this tube man for the first time, movies that summarize such things are released.

Tale of Tall Boy: The Origin of the Inflatable Man - YouTube

A tube man who stretches and bends while receiving air. It is a device that works with a really simple mechanism, but its birth was so recently that it seems surprising.

The first time Tubeman appeared, it was held in 1996Atlanta OlympicsThat was the venue. It appeared as one of the arts at the opening ceremony.

This "art" was made by Caribbean artist Peter Minsho.

Mr. Min Sho, an artist in South America's country "Trinidad and Tobago", was doing activities to make huge dolls for dance used in carnival and the like.

Mr. Min Sho's work is a book "Caribbean Festival Arts: Each and Every Bit of Difference"It is said that it became a trigger for the birth of a tube man.

New books were born as books with Mr. Min Shao's work passed to the hands of the Olympic staging director.

Mr. Min Shaw was involved in the work to produce memorable memories of future generations at the opening ceremony of the Atlanta Olympics in 1996.

In that direction, Mr. Min Shaoh decided to adopt an art piece using his own style, a huge doll.

However, Mr. Min Shao first thought that the real person manipulated and moved the balloon-shaped doll inflated with air.

The addition of new elements to this was Mr. Delon Ghaziat, a technician specializing in "inflating".

Mr. Min Sho and Mr. Gazzite will join forces, creating new works that have never existed before ... ...

It was supposed to be impossible to realize that a huge tubular man about 18 meters in height was born.

Tube man who appeared in the opening ceremony hall gathers attention from all over the world and is a great success.

After the Olympics Mr. Gaziat is a technique of TubanmanGet a patentThen I will start using it as a tool for advertisement.

In this way, Tubanman has become used around the world.

There are also things like obsessed and gorgeous pink, and it is widely used as a "kimo cute" tool that attracts eye-catching attention here and there.

Tubeman's history is less than twenty years and it turns out that it is a relatively new tool. Moreover, it is surprising that there was an unexpected fact that the art of the Caribbe existed in the background.

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