"The Monster Engine" professional draws realistic monster from children's graffiti

A project that began with one question: "What if we paint children's painting realistically?" Is "The Monster Engine"is.

Dave Devries' The Monster Engine - A Journey Into Children's Imaginations

When I saw a picture of Jessica, my niece, Ms. Dave Debries thought, "How about putting an effect on this?" Mr. Debreys who was depicting a cartoon illustration like American comic, which was once serialized in Marvell and DC comics, thought that he could use the same technique as Mr. Jessica's picture.

A 48-page book was made by the project that began so. First of all, I posted a picture of my child, followed by a picture I completed with Mr. Debrze, and the content of the interview with the child about that picture is written. Since the interview is inserted between the page of the picture of the child and the page of the finished picture, it is made to encourage the excitement of "What will that picture become?"

For example. It is a picture called "My Spooky Heart" drawn by Jessica.

This is when Mr. DeBries hands in hand.

As you look closely, the wingsman is like this.

The falling mummy man

Creepy face with a creepy face

Robot with strange appearance

Angel 'Potato Angel'

Cute character

Mr. Debreys transfers Jessica's picture and adds color and effects to it. We are finishing paintings of many other children.

A dinosaur in the form of elongation

An unusual form of ride

Although it was a stupid face character as an illustration, it turned into a powerful monster

Four arms ninja


Super Girl

Wonder Woman

thisThe finishing process is an open lectureAs a result, I can experience it for $ 1,100 (about 86,000 yen) including a story about Dr. Bullies' work, a question and answer session, and a demonstration of paint.

In this way, you can see how Debreise finishes painting in front of you actually.

The movie that Debrieze himself is talking about The Monster Engine is below.

Monster engine - YouTube

It is wonderful to work not only to conceive but also to spread it as an art without limiting it to play with your niece.

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