Trailer depicting eerily everyday life of "10 Cloverfield · Lane"

The same title as the monster movie "Cloverfield / HAKAISHA" which J. J · Abrams of "Star Wars / Force's Awakening" produced in 2008 was coined10 Cloverfield Lane"Trailer is released.

10 Cloverfield Lane Trailer (2016) - Paramount Pictures - YouTube

The song starts flowing from the jukebox ......

The appearance of three people playing life game.

When the scene changes, this time it seems that three people are solving a jigsaw puzzle jointly.

Relaxation time?

Cooking scene also appeared

However, suddenly the earthquake like shaking.

Three people think that they are living well together ... ...

A gun at the waist of a fat man.

And women ......

Is handcuffed?

It seems to be something on the ceiling.

A woman carries in with a flashlight to get in.

Eventually the air between the three people will change. A man who hits a desk hard.

What are women shooting on smartphones?

Flames are rising ......

A fire occurred.

What are you trying to take out gloves?

A woman hit a man with a glass bottle.

It seems to be going up the stairs and trying to escape.

I got out of the door without being caught by men and succeeded in locking.


A man who desperately screams as "Stop!" From the door.

Naturally, women ignore such words and try to go out ... ...

What is the sight seen from the small window ...?


IMAX and others will release it on March 11, 2016. Publishing in Japan is undecided.

According to Collider, the poster seems to be like this. The house where 3 people were, is actually a shelter deep underground.

According to J. J. Abrams, who is the producer in this film, this work is not a direct sequel of "Cloverfield / HAKAISHA" released in 2008, but "bloodline".

10 Cloverfield Lane Is J. J. Abrams' Secret Bad Robot Movie | Collider

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