A man who built a "cave house" equipped with Wi-Fi, electricity and water service

Although it is Minecraft that you can make items and make houses using materials gathered in the virtual world, only one person hollows out real world rocks to create space, electricity · water · Wi-Fi Up to "Cave houseThere are men who have made up. A movie showing the way how to make a romantic cave house made over 160,000 pounds (about 27 million yen) and the inside is released.

Modern Caveman: Man Builds A $ 230,000 House In 700-Year-Old Cave - YouTube

This man's name is Angelo Mas Tro Pietro who settled in the cave with a cost of over 160,000 pounds (about 27 million yen).

Mastro Pietro who bought the area located near the place called the British wire forest for 600,000 pounds (about 10 million yen) costs over 100,000 pounds (roughly 16 million yen) and only rocks He said he repaired the land as a residential area. All work was done by Mr. Mastro Pietro, and as a result of spending for work such as cutting rocks and digging holes for a total of more than 1000 hours, the "caverns" with windows and doors attached to distinct cliffs House "was completed.

Mr. Mastro Pietro said several years agoMultiple sclerosisAlthough Mr. Mas Tro Pietro who was also diagnosed as suffering from difficulty suffering, but also an entrepreneur speaks that he is enthusiastic about making a cave house as much as when he started the company. The amount of rock carried out by just one person has reached 70 to 80 tons, and it is now being maintained to 100 square meters of terrace.

Windows that can be opened and closed are installed, embedding the window frame of wood in the hole that cut out the rock.

Inside is like this, it seems that everything necessary for daily living such as electricity and water service is complete.

Because wood stove is also installed, it seems to be comfortable even in winter.

Of course the smoke is discharged from the chimney, so the air in the house will not get worse.

Since Wi-Fi essential to modern people has already been opened, it is possible to spend time relaxingly with smartphones. We cut out the original rock to create a space, and said that the ventilation facilities are also passing under the floor.

In the kitchen like this, in addition to being equipped with a refrigerator and a ventilator, we can also cook without inconvenience because water can be used properly.

The washbasin is made by processing logs.

Of course, the shower room has already been completed, and it is said that it is squeezing clean water from the excavation hole which dug 18 meters toward the underground.

Mr. Mastro Pietro explains how to make a house. For example, the direction shown by hand ......

Speaking of origin, it was a rocky place with nothing like the following.

I cut this rock using an electric circular saw for bedrock etc and repeat It opened 11 days later. The back space is the place I was making before.

The space in front of the aisle where the passage was connected was maintained as a bedroom and now it has transformed into a comfortable room as follows. It became easy to go back and forth between the shower room and the bedroom.

In addition, outside citizen house is allowed to stay at this cave house, and the price is 195 pounds (about 32,000 yen) overnight.

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