What is one side of legendary rock singer David Bowie 's unknown "pioneer of the Internet"?

The death of David Bowie, a rock singer who gave great influence to the world, became big news. Although such a David Bowie had a career as an actor besides music activities, BBC News has taken up having a face as a further unknown "pioneer of the Internet".

David Bowie: The internet pioneer - BBC News

In the present age when the Internet became mainstream, it is common for artists to publish works on-line such as Instagram · YouTube · Twitter · MySpace, but those platforms have not been developed yet 1998 9 In January, David Bowie launched an Internet service called "BowieNet". BowieNet not only delivered limited content but also suggested how Bowie and fans can interactively communicate.

BowieNet has already finished serving, but BowieNet at that time was a major Internet service provider in the United States (ISP)AOLIt is said that ISP services were offered in the United States and the UK as a competitor. By subscribing to a BowieNet provider and paying a monthly fee, members can get the e-mail address of "@ davidbowie.com", limited access to Bowie's music / video, and the right to use chat rooms to talk with Bowie himself I was able to do it.

Books on Bowie "Rebel RebelAccording to Chris O'Leary, author of the article, "At that time, Rockstar's website was a kind one with a single photo and a bit of text, creating an Internet community by artists, The Bowie who succeeded in the early attempts could be said that he was in anticipation of the era. "

Although Bowie did not announce this service extensively, he seems to have enjoyed interacting with fans by chatting. Besides, Bowie published private photos and his own paintings, and also released some private diaries. Sometimes fans asked "I would like to use more time to make music," but although not all were convinced, the world's first "cyber song" to send lyrics to fans and co-compose them It is said that 80,000 fans responded to the attempt to produce.

In addition to inviting fans to interactive web broadcasts that can be viewed from a 360-degree viewpoint, they also called "BowieWorld"Second lifeIt is said that there was even a novel service at the time when providing the contents of the 3D virtual world like, and operating the avatar to communicate at BowieWorld.

Bowie's internet activities are not limited to BowieNet, and in 1999, in cooperation with character and music production of PC and dreamcasting software "Omikron" in addition to selling Internet-only singles, they have become familiar with the Internet for a long time It was an artist. However, in 2006 BowieNet announced the end of the IPS service, and as the physical condition worsened, the net activities also decreased. It is said that it was to concentrate the rest of the life on music creation etc due to health concerns, but "Unprecedented facts such as BowieNet will be told as part of the legacy legendary rock star Sho, "O'Leary says.

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