Will the monkey acknowledge the copyright of "Monkey's self-portrait photograph"? Finally the sentence goes down

The problem of who the copyright of "monkey's self-portrait photograph" photographed by photographer David Slater 's camera shot by Indonesian monkey pushing the shutter from interested person belongs was occurred However, at last the American court ruled on "whether monkeys are granted copyright".

Judge says monkey can not own copyright to famous selfies | Ars Technica

As a photographer photographed by Mr. David Slater of the photographer was posted on Wikipedia, Mr. Slater insisted that "the copyright of the monkey's photograph is oneself", and was asking for withdrawal of the photograph. After receiving this, the Wikimedia Foundation dismisses Mr. Satora's appeal as "Monkey takes self-shot, so copyright will not occur". Mr. Slater wrote a lawsuit against the Wikimedia Foundation and was willing to give judgment to the trial.

The picture which became the source of the fight is kore.

File: Macaca nigra self-portrait (rotated and cropped) .jpg - Wikimedia Commons

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Wikipedia dismissed photographer's appeal as "photography copyright is in monkey" - GIGAZINE

Apart from Mr. Slater and the Wikimedia Foundation's trial, apart from monkeys' representatives of people seeking ethical treatment of animals (PETA), the monkey's copyright is in Monkey, Mr. Slater is We use photographs of monkeys without permission without permission, "asking Mr. Slater for monetary damage caused by infringing monkey's copyright. In response to this claim, the Federal judge in San Francisco told "Monkeys can not own the copyrights of pictures that monkeys accidentally shutter."

Federal judge stated that "PETA's claim is" extended interpretation "and that the case should be withdrawn," PETA's attorney said, "Animals should be free under the name of the constitution and should possess copyright "It seems that it is not likely to withdraw the trial for now. Mr. Slater is also seeking to withdraw the lawsuit from PETA, Federal Judge said that if Mr. Slater wrote in writing at the next trial in writing, it could be able to modify the content of PETA's case.

Meanwhile, in 2014, the US copyright office decided that "copyright does not occur for" work accidentally born by "nature, animals, and plants", and Mr. Slater is also granted copyright Although there is a high possibility that it is not possible, in this case it is not disputed whether Mr. Slater will be granted copyright.

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