What is the fact that "Doll" owns the refrigerated container fleet dedicated to transporting the world's largest banana transport by its own company?

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An American multinational corporation that is developing and selling fruits and vegetables worldwide "Doll · Food · Company"We manage container ships and container facilities at our company. It is considered why dolls famous for bananas and pineapple possess equipments of scale comparable to transport specialists.

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A container ship loaded with containers designed with doll logos will visit San Diego Port every Monday and Tuesday. Among the importers of the USA, Wal-Mart, Target, Home Depot, and Lowe are holding the first to fourth, and Dole is fifth. However, among top-class importers, only Doll owns transport facilities in-house, and other companies transport cargoCMA CGM,ever greenIt depends on external contractors such as.

The doll is 1,500TEU(A cargo equivalent to 1500 containers of 20 feet container) can be transported at once as one of the world's largest fleets and some of the world's only refrigerated vessels that only contain containers " about. There are 19 vessels owned by Dole in total and 4 container doll container ships are operating in the West Coast area. These facilities are owned by the American doll headquarters, and Dole of Ecuador, California, Costa Rica also owns another transport facility.

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Bananas and other fruits purchased from the ports of Peru, Guatemala, Ecuador, Costa Rica are mostly fruit, transported to San Diego Port, Florida / Everglades Port, Mississippi / Gulfport, Texas / Freeport It is carried in. At San Diego Port you can store about 800 40-foot containers capable of carrying 1000 boxes of 100 banana-containing boxes. San Diego alone has sent 2 billion bananas and 16 million pineapples, and Dole is now the world's largest banana supplier.

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It is important for dolls holding own shipping vessels to berth vessels at the harbor so it is a "wasted time" so to speak, loading bananas as much as possible for transportation. If bananas are seasonal crops and are harvested only a few times a year it is not a good idea to have a shipping ship for Dole. However, since bananas are produced throughout the year, the doll has the merit of holding a transport ship on its own. The graph below shows a chart of banana transaction volume of each supplier from around the world on a monthly basis, showing that banana harvesting is taking place almost all year round.

Also, for many shipping companies, the relatively short distance between San Diego and Ecuador, which connects America and South America, is not regarded as a line that should focus much on profitability. As a result, too much money will not be invested in the port facilities of this route, so Doll can not receive the services necessary for a complex transportation / import process. In addition, it is also true that the state-of-the-art facilities are not in place for port facilities in the country of shipment. As a result, Dole naturally needed a "fleet of its own" to keep the quality of the fruit.

In addition, since the doll's container ship has a built-in gantry crane that loads and unloads containers, even if the port facilities are insufficient, it does not affect cargo loading and unloading. Because it carries the crane on its own, it is said that it can turn the port more efficiently than a normal cargo ship. Furthermore, it is Dole's rival companyTikitaLikewise, owned the fleet owned, but due to financial difficulties in 2007 the last 12 vessels have been sold for $ 227 million (about 27 billion yen). Tikita is currently carrying out the transportation of products by charter ship.

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