I went to the birth place that "Nukakora" which can do a cat-covered shrine visit

Many people are looking for temples and shrines that go to Hatsumodeon for the New Year tomorrow.Temple with a stoneYaChikaraThere are places where there are some strange animals such as shrines where there are, but Fukui's training dojo "Birth place"Because it was that cats were overflowing and like cats, it was a place like heaven, so I actually tried going.

The address of the birth place is 32-1-1 Shoda cho, Echizen-shi, Fukui prefecture. It is located about 10 minutes by car from Hokuriku Expressway Takefu Interchange.

So I arrived at Birth place.

In the vicinity of the entrance there was a signboard saying "Neko yo ka wo ya ni kagei kaede".

When entering the premises ......

Noma no Miko is welcoming you as a top dog.

Main temple is like this.

There is also a saisen box.

I thought, "Where is the cat?" Kyorochiro Looking over ... ...

I found cats' houses under the eaves of the building.

I visited around 10 am, but people have already gathered around the cat hut and played with the cat.

As cats are used to people, they do not run away even if approaching, rather because of the cold, they came actively on the knees when they found a person and was taking warm.

All the cats are fluffy in coat.

The man sitting on the bench was out of motion because the cat climbed above the knee.

Another cat sleeps on bed sleeping.

I also want to catch up but cats that do not get in bed wait in order.

Cats in hand-made cardboard huts ......

Next to the stove, cats chilling on your sister 's knees as well.

Also, in front of the temple office ......

The cat put out outside was unhappy caught in front of the door.

I got a cat for a moment and tried to enter the temple office.

If you look closely, cats also on the copier.

Counter has "Cat donation box", cat-shaped omikukuji and amulets etc are placed, 1000 yen Each mechanism for donation gives you one thing you like.

So I tried getting a lucky cat 's Omikuji made of pottery with a donation.

Omikuji comes out when you peel off the sticker sticking to the part of the buttocks.

Omikuji itself was a type of omikuji that looked closely regardless of the cat.

I got a cute little amulet with cat footsteps.

In addition, there was a "lucky cat omikuji" in front of the temple office.

I will offer money and try to draw ......

Cute design like this.

It was a small inviting cat.

There are lots of cats in the precincts anyway.

Birth placeAlthough it was erected in 2002, after discovering that 4 cats put in cardboard in construction during construction were abandoned, it protected and breeded abandoned cats and injured cats , He said he came to search for foster parents. As it became more and more feasible and treatment expenses began to increase, it was the beginning as a mackerel, as I began submitting cat information using an Internet tool such as SNS in the idea of ​​deputy director. It seems that there are also people who say that cat lover comes from all over the country and stalls in the precincts open in summer and autumn "like a cat cafe."

There is a small hut in the precincts.

Try inside ... ...

Being a cat's dwarf, there are playgrounds, toys, beds and so on.

On the shelf on which the futon was placed, here too cats warmed as the cats warmed up.

Following as we followed the infamous cat 'Leo' walking ....

On the way up the stairs, something like a simple tent was set up.

As I climbed the stairs, it was just rice cake.

Mochizuki rice cake is carried by the man of the monk training ... ...

Go inside the main hall.

The main honor of the birth place is Buddha Buddha, there is no atmosphere like a cat especially in the inside, and rice cakes are molded by locals.

A lot of rice cakes on the blue sheet.

Of course there are people in the main hall as well as locals, but some people came from distant to get in touch with the cat.

A rice cake combined with Ohishiro was acted on this day.

While we are stealing a fresh rice cake ......

The number of cats increases rapidly in the precincts.

Actually, this is because there is time for bait at 7:00 am and 3:30 pm in the precincts. The time of bait became close, and the cats were gathering more and more under the eaves.

The state of bait time can be confirmed from the following movie.

'Nukakora' That's cat's birthday cat's mealtime - YouTube

You can spend time blissfully with cats "Nukakora" - YouTube

Cats eating bait in line.

Unlike the cats at the cat cafe, some cats society seems to be hiding and somewhat obscure, there were some cats that were soaked in the bait row.

The number of customers has increased, and everyone has taken the shooting time all at once.

About 20 cats were gathered at this time, but as of the end of December 2015, about 30 cats living in the birth place are living, and when there are many cats more than 70 cats It seems there is also. I was able to visit the shrine for the first time and spend the bliss time covered with the cats and it was a two - bird stone with one stone.

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