Hover board "ArcaBoard" that can float people in the air to market soon

The ride that floats in the air without wheels has appeared in the movie "Back to the Future"Hover boardThere are many people who think of it, but a ride close to such a hover board "ArcaBoardIt seems that it was developed. In 2016, ArcaBoard, which is also on sale, has released movies etc. that are actually floating with people.


This is a board-shaped ride on which a man is riding, this is ArcaBoard. A person is on board like a skateboard, but there is no wheel that supports the board, it literally floated in the air.

ArcaBoard is a structure with 36 holes drilled in a flat plate-like body. An electric fan is built in the hole, and it has a mechanism to float in the air by the power of the air.

The appearance that ArcaBoard is actually floating with people can also be confirmed in the following movies. It is ArcaBoard at the development stage that is contained here, but you can see that it already has the ability to raise people and float up.

The Making of ArcaBoard - YouTube

The internal structure looks something like this, 36 narrow ducted fans are installed.

Inside the cross-shaped frame, a built-in battery allows continuous flight for 35 minutes. A controller for controlling the attitude of the aircraft is also built in, and in the future it will be possible to connect with smartphones and so on and to operate.

A mesh seat is attached to the air intake opening of the fan to prevent inhalation of foreign matter and injury.

The total output of the motor reaches 272 horsepower, which is more powerful than a general passenger car, and it seems that it is possible to generate thrust of up to 200 kg.

It is almost like a CG, but it is definitely floating as you can see even by seeing the movie. It is said that such an aircraft was actually developed and sales reservation has been started.

ArcaBoard is accepting reservations at a price of about a typical passenger car, with a price of $ 19,900 (about 2.4 million yen). Three colors are prepared for body color, and it can be selected from two types of "Extended Endurance (long time flight)" and "Enhanced Thrust (high power)". Also, it seems that a dedicated dock capable of charging the battery in 45 minutes is prepared for $ 4,500 (about 540,000 yen).


The shipment is scheduled to be scheduled around the spring of 2016. Although detailed specifications are not announced at the time of article creation,Lexus hover boardSince it was not marketed, chances to get over the hover board are finally arriving even for the general public.

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