Google and Microsoft also began tracking Santa this year, full of Santa's real-time information such as Santa's current location and the total number of gifts delivered

Tracking the route that Santa Claus delivers gifts all over the world, you can see Santa's current location and then Santa's visit in real time "Santa tracker"Google and Microsoft have released them in 2015, too.

Google Santa Tracker

When you open Google's "Santa Tracker", the distance from Santa's place to your location is displayed ... ...

If you wait as it is, Google Maps shows where Santa is currently delivering gifts. Santa plans to deliver gifts to the place with red pins on the map and the pin connected by the green line is the place Santa delivered the gift after starting to browse the page of Santa Tracker.

In the menu on the right side of the page, "distance from current location to Santa", "number of gifts Santa distributed," "next destination and time required by Santa" and "latest information of Santa" are displayed. Since these pieces of information are updated rapidly in real time, you will not get tired of watching the state of Santa's delivery all day long.

In "Santa's latest information", various mini games and movies are prepared. For example, a world map puzzle game ... ...

There is also a game where live performances are performed by placing band members on the stage.

By moving the mouse around the map, you can see the area Santa will visit. When I looked at Japan, it seems Santa has arrived in several cities such as Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Okinawa and delivered the present.

While looking at the map, I found a gift in the middle of the ocean, so click on it.

On the south island Santa was loading gifts for the motor boat. There are some Southern seaside atmosphere that reindeer is wearing sunglasses and Santa who is taking a nap by leaving young Santa a load of gifts.

Santa arrives in Lisbon, Portugal, while doing so. Announcer Santa at the bottom right points the "+" button, so click on it.

Then, detailed information on Lisbon is displayed. Santa 's group who arrived in Lisbon is on a little break, reindeer had exchange gifts.

Even with the smartphone application on Google Map, if you search "Santa", Santa's current location will be displayed. If you click the Santa icon in the lower right or "Try to go" button ......

Like the browser version, you can get Santa's latest information.

Also, Microsoft is publishing Santa Tracker in collaboration with North America Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD).

Official NORAD Santa Tracker

When I opened NORAD Santa Tracker, Santa was running lightly around the sea.

It is possible to change the zoom in / out and the viewpoint by turning the "+" and "-" buttons and the mouse on the upper right of the page. If you look closely at Santa's sled, only the reindeer leading Sori has a red nose, you can see that it is made with particular attention.

At the top of the page is displayed "City that Santa most recently visited" "City where Santa is currently heading" "Total number of gifts delivered".

By clicking the button on the upper right, it is possible to switch the map display method between 3D and 2D.

The camera mark is dropped in the city Santa visited, so click on it.

Then, recommended tourist spot of city visited by Santa on Bing search was displayed.

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