Twitter received a patent to operate drone with tweets?

ByAlfred Grupstra

Major IT companies such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, etc. are all entering the drone business, "Twitter has also acquired a unique drone-related patent," the news specialist broadcasting officeCNBCIt reports.

Twitter granted patent ... for a drone?

CNBC has reported that Twitter remotely operated the drone and got a patent that will allow you to easily share pictures and movies taken with the drone from smartphones etc. on the Internet.

Published patent contents"The message platform's account holder can control the drones with the command embedded in the message.The elements that can be controlled are the drones location, the direction of the camera, the subject of the camera, the lighting attached to the drones, the display of the drones , Drone's projector, drone's speakers and removable loading ", it seems that it will be possible to operate the drone's operation and the camera which the drone carries with the message (probably tweet from Twitter account).

ByLord Jim

Twitter is commenting on this patent, but spokesperson reveals only the word "drone selphy". This used the word "drone"Self snapIt is unknown whether it points to.

In addition, if you say "self taking with drone," you can adjust the camera with smartphone palm-sized drone "ZANO"Has become a hot topic on Kickstarter. However, ZANO collected more than 400 million yen, eventually the project has been torn down.

Kickstarter project of ultra small aerial drone "ZANO" collected over 400 million yen was found to have been torn down - GIGAZINE

CNBC is a live distribution application that Twitter newly released in March 2015 "PeriscopeIt also suggests the name of a new patent, suggesting that "You may be able to deliver the images taken by Drone from Twitter account."

Also, "A future where Drone plays an important role in social media may soon come," and as future social media may be interested in drones in the future is.

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