Application for iOS that can enjoy free demon barrage shooting "Nagato Bee Chief Chief"

"Company that made the world's largest barring shooting game and sold it"CAVE who is certified as Guinness" series of shooting game series "Angry Pray", the latest series series that can be played free of charge "Angry head and bee face length chief"Has appeared. Speaking of CAVE 's shooting game, it is characterized by a barrage that is massive enough to make it impossible to see the eyes, but even beginners can enjoy safe difficulty "difficult fish (Easy)" and "big brother (normal)" professional skill " It seems that there is also a rank on the long (hard) "," vice number (maniax) "or even there, and it is contents which can enjoy Gatsuri CAVE shoes as unlikely as a free application.

Angry head-to-head bee chief director | Cave

"You can install angry head-to-head bosses from the link below.

Stupid bee face-up ban on on the App Store

Applications can be installed free of charge. Tap "Get" → "Install" ......

After installation of the application is completed tap and start.

This is the game start screen. Advertisements are displayed in the red frame part at the bottom of the screen, and this will always be displayed even during the game. Tap "Start" to start the game.

Then it switches to the difficulty level / stage selection screen. When you start for the first time, you can not change "Difficulty" in the center of the upper part of the screen, but as you clear certain conditions, "Small Fish (Easy)" "Big Brother (Normal)" "Special Corps Head (Hard)" " Maniacs) "... ... and so on, difficult game modes will be unlocked. Although only one stage is shown for the first time, it increases every time you clear it, and eventually you will be able to play "Stage 1", "Stage 2", "Stage 1 - 2". So for the first time tap "Stage 1".

Then tap "OK". When playing, the number of times of play, the number of times of clearing, the high score, and the defeat rate are displayed for each stage.

The first tutorial shows the following tutorial, so tap "OK" to continue playing.

In the red frame part is the aircraft operated by the player. A dark blue round point in the center of the fuselageHit judgmentportion.

When you tap the screen, the airframe starts to attack and you can move the fuselage together by moving your finger up and down and side to side. Even without tapping near the fuselage OK, you can move the aircraft by tapping even the screen of the smartphone.

The cage on the left side of the screen and the indication "45.01%" shows the fighting rate of the enemies who appeared on the stage. When this attack rate is high it seems that the stage of new difficulty appears.

An object written as "C" in the red frame part that sometimes comes out when you defeat the enemy ... ...

It is a coin necessary to power up the aircraft that the user uses.

When "WARNING" is displayed the boss of the stage appears.

The red frame surrounded by the red frame in the upper left of the screen is the number of remaining devices, the red letter "B" in the lower left is the remaining number of bombs.

If you want to use Bom tap the aircraft.

Then Bom explodes at the front of the fuselage and turns the barrage of the enemy entering into the blast of Bom into an item.

Playing itself is very simple, just avoiding the enemy's barrage and destroying every enemy OK.

The state that you are actually challenging stage 1 with the "difficulty" smallest difficulty can be seen in the following movie.

Stage 1 played with "difficulty" "fish" of "angry head-to-head baton-kaido" - YouTube

When you clear the stage or over the game, you will have a chance to increase the number of coins you get during the game. If you want to increase the number of coins, tap one of the five cards at the top of the screen and watch all the advertisement movies that are played OK.

Then, the coins acquired will double as follows. Although it may not double, acquisition coins never decrease.

When you get a coin, it will shift to the screen to remodel the aircraft that you were using.

For example, if you tap "FIGHTER CUSTOM" you can level up your own machine.

In the initial state, three things that can be raised are "to make the speed of fire faster", "to expand the range of item collection" and "to broaden the scope of sealing."

Tap "UP" of the item you want to upgrade and tap "Level UP" to complete the remodeling.

When remodeling is completed tap "OK".

Then, scores on the same stage in the past are displayed in ranking format. Tap this screen ......

It will come back to the start screen. In addition, once you play, "Ranking" and "Level Up" are added to the bottom of the start screen so you can always check the rankings and remodel the aircraft from here.

Also, if you clear stage 1, stage 2 appears as follows.

In addition to that, if you tap the red frame ... ...

You can change the difficulty level. However, in order to be able to play at different difficulty levels, it is necessary to "clear each stage with certain conditions satisfied", which is more difficult than imagined.

Also, as we continue to remodel the aircraft, elements that can be remodeled are increasing ......

Costumes and others are likely to be unlocked.

Stage 1 of 'Angry Prime Bee Chief Bancho' is displayed as 'Machida', stage 2 as 'Atsugi', but the reproduction of the town seems to be amazing even from the original Atsugi citizen's viewpoint.

How much stage 2 resembles Atsugi city is confirmed with the following movie.

Play stage 2 with 'difficulty' difficulty of 'Angry Prime Bee Chief Bet "- YouTube

People who are getting tired of shooter games and simple rule smartphone games because they exist as CAVE 's "Angry Prayer Bee" series, it may be unexpectedly addicted to playing once.

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