Samsung "Galaxy S7" benchmark result has leaked quickly and it is obvious that the score is greatly extended from the previous model

In Samsung's next flagship machine "Galaxy S 7", it is said that three built-in chipsets will be preparedrumorIt is being done. Two of the three Galaxy S7 with different built-in chips, two are Samsung's proprietary SoCExynosAnd the other one is said to be equipped with Qualcomm 's "Snapdragon 820", but the benchmark result of the built - in chip is leaked at once.

Samsung Galaxy S7 benchmarks allegedly appear on Geekbench

"The result of the benchmark of Galaxy S 7 is released" is because the IT news mediaNeowin. The published benchmark result is the benchmark service of the processor "Geekbench"Which is one of the numerical values ​​of the Exynos-equipped model has been revealed. The benchmark test was carried out on "Exynos 8890", with the result that the single core score is "2294" and the multicore is "6908".

In addition, the results of the benchmark of Galaxy S 7 with Snapdragon 820 are also released. The benchmark result is also called "China version Twitter"WeiboInformation leaked from. According to this, the score of the Snapdragon 820 equipped model is "2456" for the single core and "5423" for the multicore. In addition, Neowin preliminarily stated that "the truth is dubious" about the results of this benchmark.

IPhone 6s Plus, which will become a competing terminal with Galaxy S7, and just released in NovemberIPad ProThe following table summarizes the benchmark results at Geekbench. The highest single-core score is the order of tablet iPad Pro followed by iPhone 6s Plus, Galaxy S7 (Snapdragon 820), Galaxy S7 (Exynos 8890), but there is no big difference in the score of smartphone 3 terminals. The multicore score is Galaxy S7 (Exynos 8890) is the highest "6908", followed by iPad Pro, Galaxy S7 (Snapdragon 820), iPhone 6s Plus.

The IT news mediaMashablePosted when iPhone 6s Plus was releasedReview articleLooking at the results of Geekbench's benchmark in, the iPhone 6 Plus (the middle) is a single core "1605" multicore "2882", and the Galaxy S 7 is the previous model of the previous model "Galaxy S6 Edge +(Right) "has a single core" 1052 "multicore" 4186 ", and you can see that the score has increased significantly from the previous model.

Of course, these scores do not represent all the feeling of use of the actual terminal, so Neowin wrote "I should think about it in half of the story".

The model with Snapdragon 820 is released in the United States and China, the model with Exynos 8890 is rumored to be released in South Korea · Japan · Europe, another Gynaxy S 7 equipped with SoC called "Exynos 7422" which is Exynos It is predicted that it targeted the Indian market. "Exynos 7422" is the SoC that was installed in Galaxy Note 5.

Being a smartphone case manufacturer in ChinaITSKINSFrom the Galaxy S7 rendering image I thought was leaked.

Samsung Galaxy S7 design allegedly revealed, Galaxy S7 Plus could sport a 6-inch screen

This leaked image is this. The feeling that you looked niceGalaxy S6Very similar design.

It seems that the design which the back main camera protrudes is still being adopted.

According to the leaked information, the size of Galaxy S7 is 143.37 mm in length × 70.8 mm in width × 6.94 mm in thickness, Galaxy S 7 Plus will be 163.32 mm in length × 82.01 mm in width × 7.82 mm in thickness. Since the size of Galaxy S 6 was 143 mm in length × 71 mm in width × 6.8 mm in thickness, if the leak information is correct, the terminal seems to be slightly thicker in Galaxy S 7.

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