Contents that can train "Tamagotchi" at the same time appear, and the depopulation can not let the toilet flow

The game live platform "Twitch" is a command that the viewer entered in chatPokémon·dark soul·Installation of LinuxWe have released a chaotic channel of playing games like challenging Linux installations. Concurrent playing so far was a play style using emulators etc, but there is a channel to physically manipulate the Tamagotchi with a robot arm and nurture it.

Twitch Plays Tamagotchi

This simultaneous play is used in 1997 was released in "English version TamagotchiThree buttons are arranged in front of Tamagotchi. Each button is linked to Tamagotchi's "A", "B" and "C" buttons, and the mechanism that the robot arm pushes the button in response to the command most popularized by the viewer.

Commands for typing in chat are as follows. If you type "a" for button A, "b" for button B, "c" for button C, "reset / rst" for reset button OK. The robot arm manipulates the button with the largest number of votes. In addition, the A button is "Select Careful Icons", B Button is "Decision", C Button is "Cancel".

So, you can watch live images that are actually playing Tamagotchi simultaneously by multiple people from the following embedding. If you want to see the voted command at the same time, click on the link under the embed and it's ok.
Watch live video from tamagotwitch on

The page actually being played is like this, and commands are typed in the right chat box.

In response to the command the robot arm is moving, but the viewer is quite few compared to Pokemon, and it is less than 100 at the time of article creation. Every time I compile the votes by separating them, the chat box frequently displays "There are not enough votes". If one command is entered, it will not be displayed as "I do not have enough votes", so at this stage it may be able to raise Tamagotchi with my own hand ...?

Although I was watching for a while, the operation was still frustrating, and it was frustrating to cancel and display the caretouch icon. Although the punches are doing it, can you shed it safely?

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