"LEGO McDonald's Chicken McNuggets Machine" which made chicken mac nugget vending machine with LEGO

Building over 500,000 blocks and carsYou can make,Reproducing from the birth of the grandfather to death in "big old clock"Lego has various possibilities as it is made possible. YouTube channelAstonishingStudiosHas created vigorous vending machines and rattles using LEGO, and in the latest movie "Chicken Mack Nugget Vending Machine" has been completed.

LEGO McDonald's Chicken McNuggets Machine - YouTube

It was chicken Mac nugget machine that was placed.


The back is like this.

Removing the block on the back exposes the display and operation buttons, so first press the button.

It started with the word "LEGO".

Operate with picopico ... ....

Select "McNuggets Run".

I will turn the chicken McNugget machine again around the front.

I tried to put 1 cent, 2 cent coin in the coin slot, but both have been expelled.

Various other coins were also tried, but all out.

If you look closely, it is marked "2 euros" above the coin slot.

That's why I put a 2 euro coin ......

A chicken nugget sauce and a chicken nugget box came out.

Challenge again without leaving a gap.

When you put in 2 euro coin ......

The sauce and chicken nugget boxes for chicken nugget properly came out this time.

There is a real chicken nugget in the box.

From here, I will explain how the machine is made. First insert a special stick in the hole on the side of the main body ......

A drawer came out like a hidden door.

The inserted coins are contained in the drawer.

Remove the lid at the top of the main unit ......

Inside is like this. The source is on the left front of the body, and the chicken Mac nugget box is in the front right.

Further explanation of the mechanism by removing the cover of the main body.

The coin slot is like this. Coins will slide over the rails indicated by the arrows.

However, small items such as 1 cent coins do not stay on the rails and fall down.

Only large 2 euro coins slide in the rail and enter the machine.

Proceed straight and hit the block and turn left ... ...

A mechanism whereby coins are further introduced to the back.

Looking from the front of the main body like this. The 2 euro coin which slipped on the rail ... ...

To the back of the body. A sensor is installed in front of the coin falling, and when the sensor reacts to the coin, a signal is sent to the computer part ......

An instruction is sent to the motor near the center of the main unit, and the motor starts to eject chicken mac nugget and sauce.

I tried putting coins in some parts of the sensor ... ...

The motor started to move, and the part containing chicken mac nuggets etc was originally extruded forward of the main body.

Actually set the product and challenge again.

When you insert coins ......

The product is extruded ......

It falls to the stone and the receiving mouth.

It also explains the mechanism of the drawer part containing coins. There are many gears on the other side of the hole.

When inserting a stick into a hole ......

It was a mechanism that drawers come out before turning when multiple gears rotate round.

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