Ferrari racing car made by combining PUMA clothes and bags successfully

A sports goods brand PUMA combines clothes and bags, hats and sandals etc to make a Ferraris racing car. It is not a PUMA fan but a PUMA official movie, it is a work full of humor.

Details are as below.
Inside the PUMA store after the customer has returned.
YouTube - PUMA Pitcrew Builds Ferrari Car Out of Clothes

First of all, the foundation will only come.

PUMA store clerks collecting the clothes inside the store.

A body that is being shaped with red clothes. The front is a hat.

The cockpit is the main bag.

We also make great use of sandals.

This is part of the tire.

Viewed from the top. It seems like a bit distorted because the material is soft.

Completion Pretty cool.

The movie is also posted on the official website.
PUMA Motorsport >> PUMA pitcrew builds Ferrari car out of clothes

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