What if MacDonald makes a promotional video like Apple?

Thoroughly compiling and accumulating the color and philosophy of the company and accumulating it creates the so-called "brand". Apple, who has long been a brand strategy, has dyed everything in the product to Apple color, which is also common in sophisticated promotional movies. What happens if there is a promotion movie of "MacDonald" stained with this Apple color? A movie "If McDonald's Advertised Like Apple"Has been released.

If McDonald's Advertised Like Apple - YouTube

What happens if McDonald's ads like Apple?

The movie starts from where Mr. McDonald's staff seems to speak.

"We want to Re-think" food "(I want to rethink)," he said, developer Dr. Dathanion London.

"I want to create something special ... let's introduce"

"It's potatoes"

"Meticulous born color and texture by the attention. This is the most elegant models until"

"Oil developed to produce a crystal-clear texture"

"We named" smart grease ""

"Thanks to smart grease, users can see where potatoes are located"

"And where was it?"

"Potato ... that is the supreme food that modern society has developed"

"But this is not the only thing," London said.

"Let me introduce"


"Nugget, it was born by encounter between machine and meat"

"You can not see the contents even if you look at the nugget."

"But this is intentional"

"This complex shape inside makes up this product"

"I changed the chicken itself to change the chicken experience"

And Mr. London who advocates the promised phrase "One more thing (another)".

In the end to cast as a hidden ball ...


"What we did, improve, improve ..."

"And Improvement"

And this doyy face.

"Why are there sesame on the buns?"

"It is because we put sesame ... ..." said London. It is a comment which I do not know well whether it is deep or not deep.

"The feel of mac is intermediate between firm and soft"

"If you get hungry, you can eat a Mac."

"Leave your heart at ease"

The movie ended with the hamburger logo reflected.

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