McDonald's surreal CM

Speaking of McDonald 's CM, there are many cheerful things such as "Parappappappa ~" or "Ranlanruu", but there are unusual CMs that are not so in particular.

Details are below. The large people suddenly stop working. Only McDonald's clerks are free.

YouTube - Mcdonalds

Punch line is black. Is it okay?

YouTube - McDonalds - Everytime is a good time.

The first McDonald 's CM. Eating potatoes growing on the road and a huge tree dancing Ueneune is quite psyched feeling.


Stylish Donald broadcasted in Japan. I do not feel motivated.

YouTube - Japanese McDonald's Ronald (Male)

Stylish Donald woman version. Are the policies that these two people have no hamburgers while wearing gloves?

YouTube - McDonalds McGrand Tomato (Japanese commerical)

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