Bath agent that collaborated with beverage maker

It seems that Lawson will release a bathing agent "ADDRINK BUS", a collaboration with a beverage maker, on September 26 (Tue), 2006.
The price is 180 yen including tax.

Details are below.Enhance sales floor with bath agent for autumn / winter!

There are 8 kinds of lineup as follows. We have wine, sake, beer and liquor all together.

· Milk bath (Lawson / milk)
· Red wine bath (Mercian / Bon Rouge)
· Sake sake bath (Bishojo Sake Brewery / Junmai rice wine)
· Beer bath (Echigo beer / Ethigo beer)
· Coffee bath (Lawson / Le Spillare Cafe)
· Carbonic acid bath (Kirin Beverage / NUDA)
· Mushroom collagen style (Morinaga Milk Industry × TBC / Skin Management · Lychee)
· Acerola bath (Nichirei / Acerola drink)

We put the same raw materials as the respective drinks and alcoholic beverages in the product. If you put in a bathtub, you can imagine each product of beverages and liquor immediately.

Even though I put NUDA in it, I do not think that features will come out ...

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