I tried the Eva bullet train cake and the black messenger curry at "500 TYPE EVA Cafe"

Commemorating the 40th anniversary of the entire line opening of the Sanyo Shinkansen and the 20th anniversary of the Evangelion TV broadcasting startShinkansen: Evangelion ProjectAs part of Hakata Station Shinkansen "Cafe · Estación Hakata" Limited for a limited time Eva Shinkansen specification "500 TYPE EVA Cafe"We are operating as. I tried to go to a shop in fact that there was a cake of 500 TYPE EVA shape and a black messenger curry.

About the original menu of Hakata station "500 TYPE EVA Cafe": JR West Japan

At the Hakata station's Shinkansen 2nd floor Concourse, I found a cafe that gives off a strange atmosphere.

The identity of the cafe is "500 TYPE EVA Cafe" of the 500 TYPE EVA specification as a part of the project that Shinkansen "500 TYPE EVA" of Eva's first machine design operates between Shin Osaka and Hakata, with a cafe interior and menu for a limited time only It was what transformed it.

At the entrance, Kaoru & Ray welcome you.

The inside of the store looks like this, with table seats for four people and counter seats on the walls side by side.

500 TYPE EVA wrapping has been applied to the transparent wall separating the non-smoking and smoking seats.

This 500 TYPE EVA is in a conspicuous position even outside the shop, and has a strong impact so that the passing staff stops and stops twice.

There is also an exhibition of models of Shinkansen "500 TYPE EVA".

"Evangelion Station EvacuationThe container of the TYPE EVA is a streamlined form that reproduced the body of the 500 TYPE EVA as it is, although the body is rounded for convenience of packing lunch inside.

On the wall inside the shop, with a ray of a jigsaw puzzle ......

Asuka was also there.

When I arrived at the menu and looked at the menu, I found the original menu of 500 TYPE EVA in addition to the regular menu of Cafe · Estación Hakata.

I immediately ordered some collaboration menus. "500 TYPE EVA cider"(600 yen including tax) is a drink that imaged Evangelion using four kinds of jelly, Matcha, Ichigo, Lemon, Mango.

500 TYPE EVA By ordering drinks from the menu you can get a limited coaster with a 500 TYPE EVA logo and JR railway design on a hexagonal coaster like the EMERGENCY mark in the play.

Also enter the logo of 500 TYPE EVA Cafe in the cup.

Four kinds of jelly are tightly packed from the top to the bottom of the cup.

Is the drink so somewhat brownish so it is a ginger ale? While thinking and drinking a bite, it did not feel the taste of ginger contrary to the appearance, it was a normal sweet sider. Because the carbonation is intensified, the inside of the mouth becomes a refreshing feeling with Schwaszwa.

Jelly had three colors of green, red and transparent. The taste of Matcha or Ichigo was not felt so much, but the carbonic bubbles clinging to Schwarzwa around the jelly, and it felt cool in the heating shop.

"500 TYPE EVA Suites Set"(1000 yen including tax) is a set plate of cakes that imaged the body of 500 teye EVA with matcha ice.

The cake seems to have been produced by Fukuoka city Nishi's sweets store "Strawberry Fields".

As with drinking cups, dishes are also specially designed for 500 TYPE EVA Cafe.

The cake which reproduced the head part of 500 TYPE EVA uses purple paste or green tea cream to express coloring of the first machine.

Windshield and headlights are represented by chocolate.

The pattern on the side of the car body is also reproduced with chocolate.

When I cut it with a fork, the inside was a moist chocolate cake.

When you eat a bite, the presence of purple potatoes is overwhelmingly strong, you can fully taste the flavor of the potatoes that are strong enough to drown out the taste of chocolate and cream completely. Not only looks but also the taste is quite serious making.

Because Matcha cream was painted thinly, the flavor of Matcha was hardly felt.

Chocolate plate has well-balanced sweetness and bitterness of chocolate, it is a good accent of cake.

I will eat matcha ice cream added to the cake.

This is a combination of bitter taste of Matcha and rich ice cream, orthodox matcha ice cream.

Subsequently I ordered "500 TYPE EVA Curry 【Acts Curry】"(1200 yen including tax).

Expressing the third apostle · Sakiel with black curry blended with yuzu pepper and seaweed from Ariake, white rice, black olive.

A crimson EMERGENCY mark tells the dish that the apostles are attacking.

Sakiel of white rice, I will stare at this.

Representing the body of Sakiel with black curry.

Fukujima seems to represent the core of the apostle, but it seems that if you roll out the core outside it will be instantly knocked down ... ....

So, to defeat the apostle immediately, pierce the spoon and pierce Sakiel 's head ... ...

Munching By mixing seaweed, the curry is dense and thick, and the texture is like a curry like curry that I made at home and made it overnight. The balance of spicy spices and currant spices of Yuzu pepper contained in curry is also good.

Eating curry alone was pretty hot, and rice was essential.

The apostle curry can also be purchased for take-away, the price is 1,200 yen including tax if it is a curry single item, and the drink set with coaster is 1500 yen including tax.

The 500 TYPE EVA Cafe is scheduled to be open until March, 2010 when 500 TYPE EVA operates between Shin Osaka and Hakata.

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