I tried using how warm the "iris oyama desk heater" turning company's desk into kotatsu

As winter approaches, the coldness of the desk feet at home or office comes to mind. I think that there are many people who can withstand cold by using blankets or using foot warmers, but as desk heater that warms their feet as if it entered a kotatsu "Iris Oyama DEH-45-T desk heaterI found it, so I actually decided to purchase it and try using it

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"Desk heater DEH - 45 - T" poured at Amazon arrives. It is in a package of about 50 cm × 40 cm, and it is about this size feeling compared with the iPhone 6 set aside. By attaching it to the back of a table or desk, it is a product that makes it to a table like a mini-kotatsu.

The installation method is easy, first covering the heater main body with a dedicated fleece cover and attaching it with a magnet on the back side of the desk. In the case of wooden table etc. where the magnets do not stick, it becomes possible to install by using the enclosed metal plate.

The weight of the main body is about 880 grams, about 180 grams of fleece cover covering the whole from over. The power consumption is 90 watts. Since it has a built-in timer that automatically turns off in 3 hours, it is safe to leave the desk while turning on the power.

Inside there was a dedicated fleece cover and desk heater body, instruction manual and metal plate.

A pattern of heating wires is emerging on the surface of the heater.

There is nothing on the reverse side.

There was an ON / OFF switch and a pilot lamp on this side. It is the magnet that looks silver at the corner.

When fleece is put on it, it looks like this. This cover covers the feet so as not to let you escape the warmth.

So I decided to test with a desk in the editorial department. Since a thick metal frame passed through the back of the desk, I will paste it with a magnet here.

While confirming the position of the magnet ......

Installation is completed in only 15 seconds. It was easy enough to beat it.

Then just plug the power cable into the outlet and switch on.

After 30 seconds, the inside of the cover became warm by the heat from the heater. Of course, there is no such thing that the heater glows red during operation, so there seems to be no worry of burns or fires.

Actually using it, I feel that it gets warmer with hokoka from immediately after turning on the power thanks to the heater and fleece cover. Especially in a cold winter room, it seemed to be the warmest earliest if you wanted to get warm up quickly. On the other hand, the fleece cover covers only up to about 20 cm under the knee as shown in the picture below, so if you expect the warmth enough to melt like a kotatsu you may feel a shoulder watermark a little.

I noticed using it for a while, if possible I wish it had a heater output change switch like "low, medium, high". In some cases, the portion of the knife nearest to the heater gets hotter and sometimes unintentionally leaving the leg out of the cover. Similarly, female editorial staff who used the female editorial staff who took up the feeling of use "There is a feeling that the back of the calf is cool" "Warmth of the toes is weak if it is a cold-hearted person" "Heat the thigh with the desk heater, The feeling that it feels warm and overall is to be told when using feet with a blanket in combination "was raised.

Nonetheless, is it certain that the warmth from the calves is a little weak? I thought that when using it, I noticed that the foot as a whole became warm as it was. Depending on the state of the outside air, circulation of the blood warmed by the thigh may have the effect that the whole foot gradually warms up.

People who have been plagued by cold like the year when we are going to welcome winter production from now on may be aimed at environmental improvement by using desk heater together. Iris Oyama's desk heaterIris Oyama's official mail order siteIt is on sale at various retail stores, including. At the time of article creation, Amazon was sold at a tax-included price of 6453 yen.

Amazon.co.jp: Iris Oyama Desk Heater Brown DEH-45-T: Home & amp; Kitchen

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