Open source in Microsoft's code editor "Visual Studio Code" beta version, about 60 languages ​​including "Go" with extended functions

On Wednesday, November 18, 2015, Microsoft will post an online event "Microsoft Connect (); 2015"Was held. Among them, the code editor "Visual Studio Code" compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux reached the beta version and announced the open source.

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"Visual Studio Code" is a free code editor for Windows, Mac and Linux announced at Microsoft event "Build 2015" held in April 2015. It is optimized to "write code"IntelliSense, Debugging, management by Git, etc. can be used.

This time, Visual Studio Code has reached the beta version, and open source has been announced. To make open source software engineersErich GammaIt was done in the form of Mr. Hand's publishing the code to GitHub immediately.

Microsoft / vscode · GitHub

An alternative to Visual Studio GalleryVisual Studio MarketplaceYou can increase the corresponding language by putting the extension function in.

Batch, C ++, Clojure, Coffee Script, Dockerfile, F #, Go, Jade, Java, HandleBars, Ini, Lua, Makefile, Objective-C, Perl, PowerShell, Python , R, Razor, Ruby, Rust, SQL, Visual Basic, XML.

In addition, Groovy, Markdown, PHP, Swift which also supports snippets.

In addition, it is CSS, HTML, JavaScript, JSON, Less, Sass which supports IntelliSense · Linting · outline.

Refactoring and all references are supported by TypeScript, C #.

Also with Microsoft Connect (); 2014Open source and cross platformWe announced ".NET Core"And" ASP.NET 5 "were also announced to reach release candidate (RC) version.

In addition, the developer kit "Visual Studio Dev Essentials" has also been announced. This is packaged with development tools, support tools, etc., which says "All the things necessary to develop an application and place it on your favorite platform are all free." Application from Visual Studio official site is possible.

Visual Studio - Microsoft Developer Tools

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