A movie that will teach you how to do what people who are not confident in their appearance

Some people say that they are not confident about their appearance to be pessimistic, such as "You should have had a better life if you have a good appearance ...". However, the trouble is useless, about the "how to hold the mind" necessary to overcome the complex to the appearance Movie "Not Liking One's Looks"Explains it.

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Is this hairstyle good?

Or is this?

Whatever hair style you can not do anything ... no matter what.

Troubles concerning appearance are sometimes serious.

People with mature separation do not worry about their appearance.

Whiskers are deep ... ...

There is no doubt that the hairstyle has changed.

So, how can we eliminate the pain of appearance is an important issue.

If you are not confident in your appearance, no matter how hard you take pictures, you can only become a "horror".

Why do people stick to their appearance in the first place?

Because it is believed in the world that "the impression of a person is determined by its appearance".

In order to live a life not to be admitted ... ...

Certain "wisdom" is needed.

In order to live without worrying about appearance, it is necessary to learn "How to hold the mind" to overcome the appearance complex.

The first one is "I can not do anything with an individual".

There are people who are born looking adorable in the world.

However, the appearance that was born was like a "lottery". Because you can not do anything on your own, what you do not mind is important.

The second thing is that there is no need to disappoint.

If there are poor people and brave people ......

A brave person seems to be Mote.

But each person likes it. Sometimes the poor "wins".

The third is that there is a surprising lucky "parental influence".

"Affection" is learned from parents.

Parents' influence is great in loving people.

A child who has received love grows up as a handsome ... ...

I will search for loved ones.

"My parents" are the ones that have a big influence at that time.

And it is also possible that a handsome twinkle parents are umi workers.

Then, a woman like a handsome parents may get a handsome even if the appearance is not good.

Let's thank parents of illegal curry.

The fourth thing is not so unfair.

As there are privileged classes with plenty of money, the hierarchy of the world is unfair.

Although there is also a hierarchy in appearance ... ...

There is no unfairness as much as an asset.

The fifth is "to wait patiently".

There is no need to envy a person with a good style.

Because the style collapses anyway.

The appearance will collapse someday, a day will definitely not be convinced.

Is it 10 years old ...?

Although there is a difference whether it is 50 years old ... ...

Sooner or later, something that anyone can not feel confident in appearance will come. So, you have to wait.

The sixth thing is to look at new "beauty".

Appearance is judged on the whole ... ...

There is a thing called "beauty" of the truth that I do not know by seeing.

If you look at only small parts, there are many beautiful things.

Hanging eyes and ... ...

Cute nose.

Everyone has beautiful parts.

When I look back at the beautiful part ... ...

It is what makes people's appearance good.

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