Numerous aquariums emerge in the dark The fantastic 'nifrel' is not a simple exhibition but a level that can be said as a 'work'

Opened on Thursday 19th November 2015, the museum that sticks to the "fascinating" space of the Yaizenkan Produce is "Nifrel". From the fact that we call the staff a "curator" instead of a "keeper", we know that it is not just an aquarium, but the exhibition in the "touching with Satoru" exhibits as if it were art work did.

The living museum Neifrel

If you see the inside of the Nifrel hall from the beginning, you can check the following articles.

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So, next is "Zu Tautou" zone.

The room looks something like the following, slightly darker lighting.

It was Chinganago that was in the place right in.

Jinganago in transparent sand - YouTube

Nishiki Nago in transparent sand - YouTube

After that, I found a slightly cloudy aquarium.

There was a giant beetle in the aquarium. It is because clouds are set slightly lower than the water temperature in this aquarium, so it is difficult to wipe the glass with the kyukyu in order to observe the rhubarbs.

Rainbow beetle tank is cloudy and cloudy - YouTube

On the ceiling of the room is a dot-shaped light and the wall is mirror-finished, so it looks as if the lights and tanks are countless.

In addition to aquariums, there were exhibits of living things using projectors.

Monthly display of the CT image of the fish in the third zone of Nifrel "touching Sugata" - YouTube

I will quickly look at the aquarium. The transparent rod is in the inside of the koalu aquarium.

Kooyu is fluffy and floats in a flock, but it seems that if you feel danger it will run sideways and escape.

Kooyu swims vertically - YouTube

This tank also seems to be covered with lit white sand.

What is inside is elephant shrimp and petrel shrimp. Since it is being written down from below, colors etc. can not be confirmed accurately, but shapes can be grasped more firmly than ordinary exhibits. Although it is an unusual exhibition method, it seems that this zone expresses the concept of "touching out".

Subsequently, a tank of Nettai minagonoso / Hana mimi cassava.

It is Hanamino-na-sama that has a pattern up to her back billet ...

It is the Nettai minokago that has a patterned backless velle like a tentacle. There are poisons on the dorsal fin, causing severe pain, tumor, dizziness, etc. Because the body is whitish, it emerges clearly and beautifully in the dark.

Dorsal poison · Painfully swollen nettai Minokasago - YouTube

Subsequently it is also eagle eyes, but the Borokasago of the family Family. That feature is unusual as a fish and it will melt away.

A rare fish that melts and melts away Borocasago - YouTube

Borokishago also shines very brightly with a vibrant yellow body behind a black background.

Also, the yellow body is beautiful Matsukasa wow.

What kind of dome is installed in the aquarium ... ...

"There are no thousands as counted as my needle", a haricenbaum.

Harisenbon with many needles though not a thousand

Looking up from below it looks like this.

A foolish face is cute.

Furthermore, other puffer fish such as Konghofugu and Tenkaku Hugo also.

Confucian puffer in the first half · Tengakkugu fugg in the second half (poisonous mucus in the skin of the body) - YouTube

A man who is familiar with the display at the aquarium.

It sticks to a glass and glass.

You can check from various directions, such as watching from the right or seeing from the left.

In this aquarium there is a member of Seahorse and Big Berry Seahorse who lives in Australia's ocean and so on.

Big Berry Seahorse (a member of Seahorse) who returns her child with her husband's belly instead of his wife - YouTube

Also, there are aquariums like things like scallops, such as folding screens are displayed, the exhibition method is very artistic, rather than just saying "I am observing fish" rather than "one piece I was able to see the living things with a feeling like "I am watching".

Bearded haigi with beard-like protrusions in the body - YouTube

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