A training gym "Pokemon EXPO Jim" that can talk directly to Pokemon and exercise together

Nearly all species of Pokemon are not capable of talking with people, but it is open on Thursday, November 19, 2015 that you can talk to Pokemon using "Pokemon" translating Pokemon wordsEXPOCITYInside"Pokemon EXPO gym". You can experience the activity that you train with Pokemon with a special program and aim for Pokemon Trainer.

Pokemon EXPO Jim Official Site

From the entrance of EXPOCITYNifrelGoing beyond the left side, a huge Pikachu will welcome you.

The entrance to Pokemon EXPO Gym is right under Pikachu. From the first 151 Pokemon to the latest Pokemon, various Pokemon are lined up.

On the pre-opening day, there was also Pikachu before the entrance.

That's why I will get inside the gym. There is a huge monster ball and Deden and it is the size that can be caught even at Pikachu at the entrance.

At Pokemon EXPO Gym, at the entrance you purchase "Pokemon EXPO Gym Members Card", charge money for the training program, tap the card for each training program and pay the usage fee. Also, if you enter any software "Pocket Monsters X · Y · Omega Ruby · Alpha Sapphire" on the New Nintendo 3DS LL / New 3DS main body · Nintendo 3DS LL / 3DS main body, Pokemon will be added every trainingYou can get it..

Follow the arrow to the gate.

Touch the card on the gate card reader of the gate and enter.

The first floor part is like this. The staff of the gym who are wearing matching colorful T - shirts welcome you.

A flashy looking training with red and orange is "Lizardon's Battle Coliseum". The usage fee is 600 yen per person.

As you enter the door from the door, there is a card reading device on the immediate left side of the entrance, so you can touch the card here.

Lizardon's Battle Colosseum is the stage of supporting the battle of Mao, a brand-new trainer losing standing in the Pokemon battle and partner Pokemon's Rotard.

The situation of the audience seats is reflected on the left and right of the screen, and the stage progresses while talking with customers.

Because the conversation with Lizardon is developed according to customers, it is different every stage.

If the support of the audience is delivered successfully, it will be possible to win a battle at the Coliseum ... ....

Next to Lizardon's battle colossia is "Promo studio in Dobre". Participation fee is 600 yen.

As I entered the studio, the chairs were lined up side by side and the composition of the room looked like Battle Coliseum of Lizardon.

"Dobre's Promo Studios" is the concept that Eikaki Pokemon Dobre performs an audition of back dancers to film a promotional movie. When nominated as a back dancer, it is a training that you can dance while talking to the doll on the stage in front of the screen.

I go up the stairs and go to the second floor.

Pikachu and Achamo are guides for the stairs.

"A little evil doing ZoroarkThe entrance of the room has somehow got a dark atmosphere.

The seat is almost the same as the training room on the first floor like this. The usage fee is 600 yen.

An accidental operation board.

It is a program that learns "understanding of Aiku" from "Zoku type" Pokemon Zoroark, aiming at a little war.

Practiced training that looks like a Pokemon center during the game, which is based on pink and white, is "Caiki's Aid Center". The usage fee is 600 yen.

Here, I'm good at fighting. Kaikiki of Pokemon It seems that Kaikiki is in trouble without being able to use his work. It is such a program that I will consult with the aid center teacher while moving the body to such a chilly key.

You can see the appearance of chirikai and the client talking in the following movie.

At Pokemon EXPO Jim 'Kaidiki's Aid Center', customers are counselors for Kaiki - YouTube

There are other training that you can talk to Pokemon while moving your body. This is"Macho J Pokemon Boxa Size".

Participation fee is 400 yen, play is possible with a height of 100 cm or more.

The machine feels like a boxing ring.

Punch out according to Lu Kario's directive ... ...

It is a program that crawls, jumps, and exercises.

After practicing the punch, you can see the actual battle with the enemy in the following movie.

Pokemon EXPOCITY "Macho J Pokemon Boxa Size" punches and jumps enemies - YouTube


Each play booth is partitioned one by one.

Touching a card before playing is the same as any other training.

Sannite's EXPOCITY Asasan honpo is training to find Pokemon from the map along the subject. For example, because the theme of "gather five pieces of yadon" is issued, while operating the panel at hand ......

I will search for Pokemon in the map.

When I discover the subject Pokemon, it gets sharp and gains with a monster ball.

When the game is over, a title according to the play will be awarded.

In the following movie, you can see how you are playing "Sannite's EXPOCITY Asasanhonbo".

Pokemon EXPO Jim "EXPOCITY in Saanite" so challenging the mission to search for Pokemon - YouTube

Pokemon became a bowling pin "Pokemon BATTLE Bowling".

Participation fee of 400 yen per person is required for two players at the same time.

A bowling-only machine is lined with the slurry in the area.

Before playing, touch the pocketpaper card to the leader part.

Standing in front of the machine with two pairs of people and shaking the body to the left and right, you manipulate the bowling ball to defeat the pin.

You can see how you actually play Pokemon BATTLE bowling with the following movie.

Pokemon EXPO Jim "Pokemon BATTLE Bowling" with two people playing while moving body - YouTube

On the second floor, there is a panel displaying the waiting time of the program, and it seems that training can be promoted efficiently.

Also, there are displays around the gym and you can see the rare sight that Pokemon is chatting with.

There is a shop on the left side of the first floor entrance.

A shop with a yellow mark is a "drink stand Pikachu".

Such as "Dr. Sakura's Special Burger", "Pikachu's Socks Drink Soda Mango Flavor", "Mew's Synchro Smoothie Strawberry Yogurt Flavor", "Zoroark's Illusion Drink Black Sesame Banana Strawberry Taste", etc. Pokémon motifs and foods and drinks Is provided.

It was a Pikachu specification up to the trash box of the shop.

Pikachu's picky popcorn caramel taste, you can choose two sizes of paper cup and bucket. Everything from popcorn containers and drink cups to Pikachu specifications.

The bucket has reproduced the pattern of Pikachu to the back.

"Dr. Sakura's Special Burger" is a burger sandwiching a thick patty and plenty of lettuce to the fluffy buns, and it is quite a volume full mark. It is perfect after training to move your body.

In the official shop, "T - shirt Pokemon EXPO Gym 130cm size", "Plush Doll Pikachu Pokemon EXPO Jim", "Print Cookie Pokemon EXPO Jim" etc, Pokemon EXPO Jim Limited goods a lot.

"Pass case Pokemon EXPO Jim Blue Pink" can also be used for carrying Pokepellardard.

There are plentiful plush toy on the shelf.

There are also various other Pokemon goods.

The application for smartphone "Pokemon EXPO Gym Gear" is scheduled to be delivered in mid-November.

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