Splatoon and Saga Prefecture collaboration "Sagakeen (Saga Kahn)" access to the official website rush heavily

Sagakeen (Saga Kahnen) "announced as the second collaboration project" Saga Prize! "As a collaboration event will be held at the squid sacred site Yoko from 1st December (Tuesday) Was it so popular? The site is getting messed up.

Sagakeen (Saga Kahn) - Saga Prefecture

As an interlocking project, the festival scheduled to be held from Saturday, November 21 will be "Yamanoyuki" vs "Okinomiyuki", the details will be released tomorrow on November 14 (Saturday) at 11 o'clock.

"Yamanoyuki" is "Saga beef", "Okinomiyuki" is "Yoko no Ika".

Also, during the period from December 1, 2015 to January 31, 2016, collaborative events will be held at Yokocho, Karatsu City, Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture, for sacred sanctuaries, "Ika's Christmas tree" In the wrapping ship "Supra Maru" we can get freely, at the wrapping ship "Supra Maru" exploration, Sagakeen official shop "Yobuko's Ikasu Square" sell limited collaborative goods, and furthermore the machinery which makes the specialty squid of Yobuko dry "It is possible to get something if you can eat 'Sakuruguru' in Supra toon specification, if you collect all kinds of splatoon stamps, you can get a limited sticker, and if you eat the special culmination of Hato Cape 'Sasae no kotobuki'.

In addition, limited collaboration shop opens in Tokyo Tower for 7 days from 18th to 24th November 2015, and limited quantity collaborative goods can be purchased. Visitors First ship Sagakeen original illustration postcards, collaboration T-shirt sale in the motif of "Fes T" worn by the "Tokyo Festival" in the game, at the Tokyo version of Yuko's Ika's Christmas tree, Tomoko Saga , "Sanshin Manjyu" & Saga Prefecture "Karatsuyaki Kosugi kiln" is supposed to sell chopstick rests that reproduced squid by handmade.

It was limited online selling from todayFes T motif collaboration T shirtAll sizes are already sold out already.

· 2015/11/18 20:29 postscript
I summarized the night scene of "Sagakeen squid lobby" in Tokyo in the following article.

Splatoon × Saga prefecture collaboration event Tokyo Tower "Sagakeen Ikasu lobby" I went to - GIGAZINE

· Add 2015/12/1
The state of "Sagakeen Yoko's Squid Festival" set in Yago in Saga Prefecture is summarized in the following article.

Splatoon and Saga Prefecture's collaboration event "Sagakeen (Saga Kahnen)" opening, Ika's limited goods selling booth "Yuko's Ikasu Square" I went to go - GIGAZINE

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