Anniversary of Google Analytics announces top 10 popular features

Google Analytics, which can be said to be the mast for users who operate the website, has celebrated its 10th anniversary since the launch of the service. To celebrate the 10th anniversary, Google Analytics publishes 10 functions that have been implemented so far and a report that shows the usage rate of functions.

Happy 10th Birthday, Google Analytics! - Analytics Blog

Happy 10th Birthday, Google Analytics! - Analytics Blog

Ten best-selling features selected by Paul Muret, project manager of Google Analytics, which have been implemented are as follows.

Event Tracking
Real time report
Multichannel&Attribution modeling&Data Driven Attribution
Google Tag Manager
Analytics Academy
Universal Analytics
Measurement Protocol
Mobile application analysis
Enhanced Ecommerce

Google Analytics shows popular and unpopular features as a graph. Functions are arranged in order from the top, and the usage rate is represented by a graph. The highest usage rate was 68% for custom reports, and the lowest was 5.4% for Content Experiments.

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