Microsoft official tool that reads human emotions from images and quantifies them

Human beings read emotions from the expression of nature and people when taking communication, but for machines so far, "reading emotions" was a weak field. However, as the field of machine learning develops, softwaresoundYaword·imageIt is evolving to be able to recognize, etc. According to Microsoft 's announcement, finally "tool to read human emotions reflected in the photograph" tool was made.

Happy? Sad? Angry? This Microsoft tool recognizes emotions in pictures - Next at Microsoft

To actually use the Microsoft emotion reading tool access the following URL.

Microsoft Project Oxford Emotion Demo

Since some sample pictures are lined up on the web page, if you click "sample photos" for people who say "using your own pictures ...."

People who are displayed large on the screen are surrounded by a blue frame on the face part, and when you hover over the blue frame, Anger (anger) · Contempt (disdain) · Disgust (disgusting) · Fear (fear) · Happiness (happiness ) · Neutral (indifference) · Sadness (sadness) · Surprise (surprise) are expressed in numerical values. If you are a man on the right side of the picture, you can see that the value of "happiness" is the highest, and "indifference" and "unpleasantness" are included a little.

You can also enter the URL of a photo on the Internet from the red frame part and upload a photo placed locally.

Microsoft Project OxfordThis tool, which was announced on November 11th, was created for developers who wish to "equip themselves with features such as speech and language understanding, although they are not machine learning or artificial intelligence experts." The tool is still in beta, but if data gathers in the future, accuracy will improve by machine learning.

Ryan Galgon of the Microsoft Technology & Research Group says, "Developers may want to use these tools in a system to find out what the customers respond to the display method of the web store, You could create a messaging app with options to read people's emotions from, "it shows the magnitude of the possibilities that this tool will bring.

Microsoft a few days agoUnique service to rate "beard" levelI just released a new tool, such as spelling checker, movie analysis & editing tool, speaker recognition, through the end of the year.

Please note that the overseas news site The Verge is an emotion reading toolI tried a photograph of Keanu Reeves' s boiled rice, I realized that it was a little indifferent, not saddened, but also a little surprise.

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