Application "Animator / Meter" that tells us with character voice when the animation's broadcasting time approaches

A service that registers and manages not to miss an animation program you want to see "animator"Android · iOS app with the feature that the character will let you know before the program broadcast was released, so I tried it a bit.

Register anime program you want to watch and manage | Animation / Meter - WebNewtype

Applications for each OS can be downloaded from the following link.

Newtype official application "Animeter" - Android application of Google Play

Newtype Official App "Animator" on the App Store

When searching by search, if you are "animator", other applications may come up, so let's search on "Animator / Meter" with a black and white.

This time I will install the Android version. Tap "Install".

Tap "I agree".

Once the installation is finished, start the application immediately. Tap "Open".

The Home screen looks something like this. First of all, tap "My Page" in the lower right to make the setting.

Tap "Log in with Twitter".

Enter account name / password and tap "Authenticate cooperative application".

My page was displayed with this, but because I have not registered anything yet as a work planned to watch, the "I want to watch" list is empty. For the moment, we decided to watch "Hakka Doll" which is the most "I want to see" in the program of interest this season and tap on the title of the work.

Then it will go to the individual page of the program. Tap the orange 'want to see' button ......

On twitter you declare "This animation is seen!" On Twitter screen. If you do not want to know what you are trying to see other people tap, tap "Close without posting" if you declare a person to tap on "to post on Twitter" as it is.

The button has changed to "Registered" of yellow place. With this, notifications will be delivered by voice when the broadcasting time approaches. Basically, it is an application default male voice or female voice, but works that are written "Voice in" above the title of the work are set up with their own unique character voices.

"Hacka Doll THE ANNEME ~ Shon" is the first work with voice, and when set, the voice of Mr. Miyuusu Takagi, Hackador 1 will flow. A remind voice is a motif like a phone call from a character, and one of seven different voices flows at random. In the future, it is said that a character voice will be added.

© DeNA / Hacka Doll THE Amen - Shon Production Committee

When you swipe individual works page downwards, key visuals, subtitles of each episode, broadcasting stations and broadcasting times in Tokyo are displayed.

In other works, for example "Mobile Suit Gundam Iron Blood Orphans", key visuals have not been set yet.

Although the episode was registered, the broadcasting time is "TBS" instead of the secretary's "MBS (everyday broadcast)" standard of Tokyo. In the case of this program, since it is broadcast nationwide on MBS · TBS series net, there is no problem even if TBS broadcast time is notified, but in other programs there are many cases where broadcasting time / broadcasting day are different depending on the area, Careful.

The contents of the "setting" menu that can be selected from hamburger icons look like this. Voice playback can also be turned off.

Notification time can be chosen quite a wide range from 10 minutes before broadcasting to 6 hours before broadcasting.

On that day "I want to see" Animation registered morning notice which tells us what is there are 4 types of OFF · 7 o'clock · 8 o'clock · 9 o'clock.

With this, the overlook of works I'd like to see will decrease. I think that quite a lot of people will be saved if regional setting is possible ... ....

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