"AMD's 8-core CPU is actually 4 cores," a major CPU of AMD will be filed a class action suit with a hype

AMD, a leading semiconductor company, has been filed a class action lawsuit by the user, saying that the CPU marketed as "8 cores" is actually only 4 cores, deceiving consumers. "

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AMD face lawsuit after falsely advertising the number of cores in their chips

Tony Dickey and others AMD CPU users to AMD exaggerate the number of CPU cores to deceive consumers, the federal district court of California / San Jose California, for reasons of false advertisement, fraudulent sale etc. We filed a class action lawsuit seeking compensation for damages.

AMD is a microarchitecture "BulldozerWe advertise and sell "8 core CPU". However, according to Dicky et al., Bulldozer is a modular structure in which two cores are optimized in conjunction with each other, and since the CPU performs a computation for each module, it is practically only 4 cores and it is 8 cores It is an act to trick consumers who have poor technical knowledge of CPU.

AMD says, "There are 8 cores in Bulldozer's CPU definitely included, so it is not a hype because there is no performance degradation due to modularization," but Dicky et al. It has a function in units and the core is 4 cores as it is impossible to execute 8 instructions independently and stand alone ".

Dickies said, "With the announcement of the AMD side" 8 cores ", consumers have selected products considering that the CPU is high-performance, but Bulldozer is expecting the performance expected as a bad style of 8 cores I could not get it. " It may be that the fundamental cause of this class action litigation is that AMD could not actually provide CPU performance expected by consumers rather than how many cores it is. If AMD loses, it is expected that damages will not be less than $ 5 million (about 620 million yen).

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