Freshness burgers have eaten Crown Burger at a new store "Crown House" aiming for luxury space

Burger chain shop freshness burgers, on October 8 th (Thursday) 2015 new shop "Crown HouseWe have opened. As the name of the crown (crown) is positioned as a flagship store of Freshness Burger, it is said that it is a store pursuing "new possibilities", so I went to eat what kind of burger is served It was.

Crown House 【Crown House】

The place is on the way from Kichijoji Station to the Inokashira Park south of Marui Kichijoji branch west side road.

The photo on the left is in Inokashira Park direction and the right side is in Kichijoji station direction. Walking from the station is next to the south of Family Mart.

Lunch time is from 11 o'clock to 17 o'clock. Although drinks are in a set, I feel a huge difference with regular freshness burger for price setting hamburgers starting at 1080 yen. Also, because the making of shops is also a concept of "a little luxurious space that blends into everyday life", the atmosphere is totally different from ordinary stores.

This time I ordered "Crown Burger" (1430 yen) with a crown seal on the menu. I chose a hot Organic Ceylon Tea as a set drink, which was offered in pots and cups like this. There is no tea in the pot, so it will not get dark even if it is long.

Slightly later, Berger arrived at the table. I feel I am leaning a bit with weight.

It is like this when compared with Xperia Z4. As expected there is no height 14 cm, but over 10 cm There is a size that seems to hurt the chin when eating with Gabriel like this.

Eggs, bacon, red cheddar cheese, patty, tomato, lettuce are sandwiched by elaborate buns using yeast with a variety of alcoholic beverages. Patty is a quarter pound (about 113 g) which used Australian beef 100%.

Looking at the cross section by cutting a quarter, it looks like this.

It got tightly compressed, and it managed to get into the mouth somehow. Patty using coarse ground meat has a very strong taste of "meat", but it is wrapped in plenty of lettuce and sliced ​​tomatoes, even melting fried eggs and sweet buns. First of all, it is Patty of the quarter pound that I see eyes, but it is a pleasant place for this type of burger that the amount of lettuce is large and the texture which was shakijaki is large firmly remains.

Pickles and potatoes for garnish. Not sliced, cut pickles have a little sense of luxury.

As the price of recent lettuce and hamburgers made aiming at "luxury" as a whole, it is nodded as "I see that" in the setting of 1430 yen with drinks. However, if you want to eat something simply because you are hungry, it may be a lack of hamburger though it is a big hamburger. To the end, it is better to eat hamburgers while enjoying the luxury feeling and to drink alcohol in the evening, so it seems better not to think as a fast food store.

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