I tried using an extended battery "L40G4" that makes GoPro's battery last longer than three times

The representative of the action camera "GoPro"Has waterproof, dustproof, shock-resistant performanceShooting the world wearing wild sharks watching sharksOrTaking a picture of a bicycle rushing into the river from the steep slope of the damYou can shoot images that you could not imagine with previous cameras. The weak point of such GoPro is that "the capacity of the built-in battery is small", the battery will run out in just about an hour with the genuine built-in battery alone, but developed to compensate for the weak point of such GoProExtended battery that lasts three times as long as normal"Appeared in Kickstarter. Actually GIGAZINE editorial department also contributed and the real thing finally reached, so I used it and tried how long it will be possible to shoot with GoPro.

Epic The only GoPro Battery you'll ever need. - Limefuel

The time lapse movie actually shot using the extended battery "L40G4" can be seen from the following.

Shooting time lapse with GoPro HERO 4 + L40 G4 with shooting time more than 9 hours - YouTube

Although it is a company called Limefuel that manufactures and sells extended battery for GoPro, batteries include "L 55 G 3" for GoPro HERO 3/3 +, "L 40 G 4" for GoPro HERO 4, and " L40GH "is available as a line-up.

Epic tech specs - Limefuel

◆ Photo review
This time the editorial department received "L40G4". In addition to GoPro HERO 4, it can also be used with GoPro HERO 3/3 +.

Pacalli the box.

Included are extended batteries from the left, 2 exclusive backdoors, Micro - USB cable for charging.

The appearance of the battery looks like this. GoPro is a genuine extended batteryBattery BacPacThe capacity is 1240 mAh, but the capacity of L40G4 is 4000 mAh, which is about 3 times.

Terminal for connecting to GoPro on the back.

Looking from the side this way. Since only the terminal part protrudes, care must be taken not to catch on objects.

Micro-USB port for charging on the top surface. If you connect the cable to the battery you will be able to charge as it is.

At the time of charging like this, the small hole on the side becomes green.

By the way, the capacity of GoPro HERO 4 's built - in battery is 1160 mAh.

Compared with the L40G4 extended battery, this size is different.

◆ L40G4 installed in GoPro
So, I will try installing the L40G4 on GoPro HERO 4 black edition at once.

GoPro HERO 4 has a vertically long port at the left end of the back so you can just plug in the L40G4 here.

When installed it is like this.

When viewed from the side, the thickness is about twice as much as this.

You can also install it on the GoPro HERO 4 Silver Edition with display on the back, but be careful as you will not know what is on the display.

It is like this when put on the hand.

Weighs 85 grams of battery ......

GoPro HERO 4 black edition (with microSD) is 87 g.

This is an attached dedicated back door. If attached to the waterproof housing included in the GoPro main unit, shooting underwater etc will be possible even with the extended battery attached.

The way of installation is simple, first remove the backdoor of the waterproof housing by pulling it downward with 180 degrees open ......

Just plug the backdoor that followed the L40G4 from the downward direction.

Then put GoPro with L40G4 in the housing ......

Just close it is OK.

◆ I tried to see how much shooting time actually increases
So, when I installed the L40G4, I tried to see how much shooting time would be extended.

First of all, we actually try to measure the shooting time of using the GoPro HERO 4 black edition + 64 GB microSD card and shooting with only the built-in battery and L40 G 4 (internal battery + L 40 G 4).

According to the official page of GoPro, the shooting time when using the 64 GB microoSD card is about the following page.

Shooting time in each video setting of HERO 4 Black

Also, looking at the catalog value, it is possible to shoot 1 hour 5 minutes at 4 K / 30 fps, 1 hour 20 minutes at 1080 p / 60 fps, 1 hour 30 minutes at 1080/30 fps. Since it was obvious that if you set the movie resolution to 4 K or 2.7 K, since you can only shoot less than 2 hours with a 64 GB SD card, the capacity of the SD card will go bad before fully using the L40 G 4's power Set the resolution and frame rate to 1080p / 30fps.

So fixed GoPro and start shooting immediately. When shooting, Wi-Fi was turned on and the movie was shot while outputting images to the smartphone at all times.

The shooting time and shot movie sizes when shooting with built-in battery alone and with built-in battery + L40G4 are as follows. Although the capacity of the used microSD card is 64 GB, the available free space is 59.4 GB, and when L40 G 4 is used it turned out that it is possible to shoot a movie that is almost full of its capacity.

Built-in batteryBuilt-in battery + L40G4
Shooting time1 hour 9 minutes 20 seconds4 hours 2 minutes 31 seconds
file size14.5 GB51 GB

If you shoot movies at 1080p / 30fps or higher resolution and high frame rate, using the L40G4 seems to have filled the capacity of the 64GB microSD card before the battery is empty.

I shot the time lapse
I understood that using the L40G4 it is possible to capture a long time impossible with only the built-in battery, so this time I shot a time lapse movie that demonstrates its true value with long time shooting.

For photography in GoPro's time lapse / night lapse mode, you can understand more by reading the following article.

I tried creating a night lapse movie using GoPro HERO 4 Review - GIGAZINE

With only the built-in battery, I was able to take time lapse only for about 2 hours, but when I used the L40G4 it took 9 hours 18 minutes to shoot for a long time. The total number of pictures taken in about 9 hours was 46.6 GB, and the total number of pictures taken in about 9 hours was 24.6 GB, although the shooting mode was Nightlaps and the exposure time was continuing with full auto.

It actually looks like this when you use the extended battery L40G4 to shoot data taken with a time lapse movie.

Shooting time lapse with GoPro HERO 4 + L40 G4 with shooting time more than 9 hours - YouTube

The L40G4 is an excellent one that shoots more than three times longer than when shooting with only the built-in battery. Especially when you want to shoot a time lapse movie, it is not necessary to keep changing the built-in battery in detail or keep shooting with GoPro connected to the power supply. If you insert the L40G4 charged to a full tank into GoPro, set it at the shooting location and leave it for half a day, it will be very good as all the materials for the time lapse movie will be on your own. The indicator on the side of the L40G4 is very hard to read and it has a drawback of impossible ambiguity when it finishes charging, but it supplements it and gives GoPro too much high power so it can be taken for a long time It is recommended for those who want to challenge taking time lapse movies.

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