How much will human and science evolve in the next 1000 years?

With the advent of computers, the Internet, smartphones, etc., the level of human life is improved at a dramatic speed, and anyone will be worried about what technologies will emerge and what will be possible in the future in the future. In order to answer such a question, AsapSCIENCE which posts science-related movies is a movie that predicted how much human and science will evolve in the next 1000 years "Humans In 1000 Years"Is released to the public.

Humans In 1000 Years - YouTube

About 10,000 years ago we began to add lactose tolerance so that humans can drink milk, the average height increased by about 10 cm in the most recent 150 years, and the average life expectancy extended by about 20 years as compared with 65 years ago . These human evolution has received tremendous benefits from scientific development.

A few decades ago I used a dial-type black phone, but now many people use smartphones. Some people predict that computer chips that govern the performance of their smartphones will "catch up with the brain's processing speed in the coming decades."

"So, how much has the human evolved 1000 years later?"

Expanding human functions using new science and technology is "TranshumanismIt is called. For example, there is a possibility that the nanobot of 0.1 to 100 nm size will be implanted in the human body, immune system and brain survey, cancer cell healing, micro surgery using microscope etc. can greatly develop.

There is also the theory that technology called "utility fog" using nanotechnology can be realized. This means that any minimal object can be realized by gathering minimal nanobots at the fog level. For example, if you make a house with utility fog and you go out in the morning and erase it, you can use the space where the house was different as another thing.

Also, as of 2015, about 7000 languages ​​are used, but there is a possibility that it may be reduced to nearly 100 words within 1000 years.

In the future ahead, the destruction of the ozone layer progresses, the amount of ultraviolet rays reaching the earth increases. By doing this, a person with a color black strong against ultraviolet rays may become a healthy body.

Changes may appear in the human body as the global warming progresses. For example, in order to dissipate the body temperature that went up as global warming progresses, the body grows taller and has a slender body shape. Naturally, until the human body evolves so far it is not 1000 years, but it takes about one million years or 100,000 years.

There may also be mutations in the body, such as changes in eye color, dramatically improved physical fitness. In the 20th centuryPeople who eat and digest metalsThere are cases of human beings, human beings may be able to digest all kinds of substances. It also suggests the possibility to visually recognize more colors than you can see now.

It is said that artificially improving breeds of living things, selecting and leaving individuals to serve purpose is called artificial selection, and this field is expected to develop greatly in the next 1000 years. According to AsapSCIENCE, it is possible to lower the possibility of future diseases by manipulating genes before babies are born, and to change the physical characteristics. However, genetic manipulation loses its diversity and the possibility of emergence of new diseases can not be ruled out.

He is a theoretical physicist in the UK,Black hole singular point theorem, And is known for advocating quantum gravity theoryStephen Hawking"In the not far away future, humans may be extinct by asteroid crashes or nuclear warfare, but if we can make space colonies in outer space, leave the word that the future of mankind will be safe" It is suggested that it is the space science that holds the key to the future.

If you can transplant the human brain to a computer you may be able to transcend even death. When atomic brain information is transplanted to a computer, it moves between the computers at the speed of light, it is released from the substance of the body, and it is not even necessary to eat food.

In other words, the human future will depend heavily on science. Perhaps there is a possibility that scientific research that is not well recognized at the present time will greatly contribute to future lives.

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