Tesla's stock price plummeted in the consumer report review that "Model S's reliability is below average"

American consumer information magazine "Consumer Reports"Tesla Motors' Electric Vehicle Model S" falls below the average, resulting in a situation in which the stock price plummets.

Tesla Reliability Does not Match Its High Performance - Consumer Reports

Tesla's new model S "P85D" has been evaluated for its overwhelming power performance high,In the performance evaluation test by the authoritative consumer organization special issue magazine Consumer Reports, we found out a phenomenal score of 103 points exceeding the full score of 100, The highest score ever recorded. In addition, due to the existence of the model S which passed the full mark, the evaluation criteria itself of the performance evaluation test itself is to be reviewed.

However, in automobiles, "reliability" is another important factor apart from power performance. Consumer Reports checked the reliability of the model S based on the questionnaire survey obtained from 1,400 owning owners of the model S. As a result, the conclusion that "reliability is not less than average that is not suitable for high power performance" I was given.

Immediately after this Consumer Reports' evaluation, Tesla's stock price falls by 9% at maximum.

According to Consumer Reports, it is said that aging deterioration of parts related to power sources such as motors and batteries, parts related to running such as steering, suspension, etc. are seen in model S, but problems of major parts related to these driving are , 4 years or 50,000 miles (about 80,000 kilometers) for free warranty, so it is not a big problem.

However, complaints are rising from the owner in general about the rattling noise and noise that can be heard inside the car. However, these noises also point out that it is a conspicuous problem because it is a quiet model S that is not comparable with general engine cars.

In addition, many owners mention that the door knob that pops out automatically when the driver brings his hand to the door sometimes does not recognize well. It seems that Consumer Reports is also confirming the phenomenon about the defect of this door knob.

Besides these troubles, Model S has a problem in water repair wiper, water leak from battery cooling pump, bad maneuvering of hatchback, deviation of permanently appearing wheel alignment etc. It has been pointed out.

Many of the discontent points cited by the owner of model S are problems unique to EV (electric car), and it seems that it can be said that it can not be helped by model S which appeared soon, but also Nissan of EVReefEven in the model of several years ago, it exceeds the score of Model S, so it seems that it will not be an excuse.

However, what should be worth noting is that if the owner of model S comprehensively sees dissatisfaction with model S, it is not so. The satisfaction level of most models S owners is very high, and 90% owners said they would purchase Tesla's EV again. As a factor, not only the overwhelming power performance of the model S but also the voice pointed out the excellence of Tesla's after-support can be read from the questionnaire.

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