Fraud emerging as a Apple support to hijack the screen remotely


The Apple support staff sometimes performs "screen sharing support" as necessary, but the existence of a web site that fraudulates the page used by Apple for screen sharing was confirmed.

Tech Support Scammers Impersonate Apple Technicians | Malwarebytes Unpacked

When screen sharing support is done by Apple, " are informing you of the page. Apple's process is secured securely, screen sharing is started by putting the session key issued.

According to the anti-malware software "Malwarebytes" blog, it has a domain that closely resembles Apple's screen sharing support pagehttps://ara-apple.comIt is confirmed that a malicious act of making the remote control software install like behaving like Apple's support staff has been confirmed.

As a signature, when you click on an advertisement or affiliate charged on the web, you will see a warning window saying "Your system is in serious crisis" on a page using Safari's icon etc. A phone number is stated on the displayed page, and when you make a phone call, Apple's fake support staff will be connected and you will be asked to share the screen. The following image shows that "The handheld iOS terminal is under attack by malware", but it is known that a message targeting not only the Apple user but also the Windows user may be displayed .

Fake support staff "LogMeIn"TeamViewerAlthough it instructs installation of remote operation software like, but it is guided by a process similar to screen sharing of Apple support, Apple users can pass remote access to fake staff without feeling uncomfortable There is sex. Malwarebytes includes GoDaddy registrar registered domain of fake website and Liquid Web provider of fake staff "https://ara-apple.comIt has already been reported to shut down. Malwarebytes urges attention that "Apple will not warn you by calling up a warning."

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