Impact resistance to withstand drill hammer and a large capacity battery that can be used continuously for 5 days Smartphone "OUKITEL K4000"

It is a sad accident that can happen on a daily basis when accidentally dropping a smartphone, which is a sad accident that can happen on a daily basis, but even if you hit it quite hitting with a hammer rather than dropping it, you do not get a crack and you never get a hole in the drill A smart phone is as robust as "OUKITEL K 4000"is. In addition, with a large capacity battery of 4000 mAh, continuous use is possible without charging for 5 days in normal use.


"OUKITEL K 4000" is a smart phone that realized durability enough to be used in deserts by using an ultra-tough screen and a large capacity battery.

Battery is usable for 5 days in normal use, it can be used without charging for 2 days even if it is used frequently. Continuous talk time is 72 hours, continuous waiting time is how many 20 days.

It adopts a 3-layer type hardness 9H screen that can withstand pressure tests up to 800 MPa (megapascals), so there is no worry that the screen will be damaged or scratched if dropped. Oukitel's own test has proven that it did not break even if you stepped on a car by striking a wooden board with a hook, hitting a hammer with "OUKITEL K4000".

It is equipped with 13 million pixel Sony cameras, not just being rugged, it is also possible to take pictures of beautiful.

The size of the display is just 5 inch (1280 x 720) easy to hold, the bezel width is just 1 mm. OS adopts Android 5.1, and the processor is quad core MTK 6735 P 64 bit (1.0 GHz). The memory is 2 GB and the built-in storage is 16 GB.

You can see the movie that tested how much you can withstand by drilling the screen of "OUKITEL K4000" from the following.

OUKITEL K4000 Gets Drill test, Tough Screen, Safe Battery, Powerful Performance! - YouTube

A drill was prepared to make a hole in the wooden board.

I put this on the screen of "OUKITEL K4000" and put pressure on the same place intensively.

If it is an ordinary smartphone, it seems to be damaged instantaneously, but breakage such as cracks can not be seen on the screen.

I kept drilling on the screen for about 50 seconds, but I just got a small scratch on the screen.

Screen swipe and application launching are working normally without problems, it seems that smartphone functions are not affected at all.

Also drill to the same place as the previous test and restart the drill test.

After drilling for about 30 seconds, the screen finally broke.

However, although the screen display is incorrect, it is not shattered and the operation is normal.

After that, the drill test → operation confirmation is repeated several times afterwards, but the point where the drill penetrated perfectly is about 7 minutes passed by the movie. Although it was not that it did not hurt even if you drill to how much it is truly, in daily use it seems there is no worry of being afraid of breakage.

Also, movies that are testing impact resistance with hammers and automobiles are also released.

OUKITEL K4000 Screen Test - Hit by a Hammer & Run over by a Car - YouTube

While playing music with "OUKITEL K4000", swipe the screen by sprinkling hammers instead of trees.

Although the smartphone is hit hard at the momentum that it jumps up, you do not enter one crack on the screen and the music does not stop.

Furthermore, put "OUKITEL K 4000" on the floor ... ...

Pass by car.

Where you slowly trampled on the front and rear wheels ......

The screen is almost intact. I was able to operate the touch screen with my finger and it proved to be very robust.

In addition, "OUKITEL K4000" is listed on the website that sells to the following page, the price is $ 119.99 (about 14,000 yen) ~ has become.

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