"VALKYRIE DRIVE Valkyrie Drive" screening & talk show at the level where the baby tits pretty girl is too radical and terrestrial broadcasting will be worried

"VALKYRIE DRIVE Valkyrie Drive" is a media mix project that is deployed to TV anime, games, social games, etc. based on the transcendent flying setting that "the body turns into a weapon when excited boyfriend girl is excited." TV anime "VALKYRIE DRIVE - MERMAID - Valkyrie Drive MermaidOne episode of the first episode of the two episodes "Screening held in Tokushima"Machi ★ Asobi vol.15After the screening, Mr. Kenichiro Takagi took a talk show and received guidance from the administration after being screened by Kenichiro Takagi who is a teddy breast producer working on the game of VALKYRIE DRIVELast eventLike the talk proceeded in an extremely direction.

"VALKYRIE DRIVE" presents 1 story + 2 story screening & talk show full of boobs

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Valkyrie Drive Bikuni Official Website [VALKYRIE DRIVE - BHIKKHUNI -]

【Official】 Social game "Valkyrie Drive Siren" | VALKYRIE DRIVE -SIREN-

"VALKYRIE DRIVE presents 1 story + 2 story screening & talk show full of boobs" was done ufotable CINEMA which is one of the venues of gore ★ Asobi.

Participation fee is 500 yen with one drink, beer was distributed. Soft drinks were distributed to applicants.

At the time of the last gore ★ Asobi, the state became a state of continuous tits under the blue sky and guidance entered from the administration, so this time it was done in a closed space called a movie theater.

Masako Yuuka of KADOKAWA Media Factory will be on board and the screening will start before the talk show.

Screened was the version with almost no regulation in the 1st and 2nd episode of "VALKYRIE DRIVE - MERMAID - Valkyrie Drive Mermaid". Broadcasting in the terrestrial wave has not yet begun, so I will not touch on the contents, but from the depictions of boobs and nipples I felt that the director Kiriko Hiraku's spirit was too much. Especially movement and sound of details are not easily seen in other works. However, it is a place to wonder what will happen to terrestrial broadcasting at a level where extreme absence is not a half end.

At the end of the screening, Mr. Yumioka and Ms. Takagi, in addition to that, a self-standing woman named Eko was wearing a baby named Maka Maka on behalf of Kaneko.

First of all, it is a big toast with beer and the beginning of the talk show. In addition, the toast of the toast was naturally "breasts with cheers!"

The subject of talk is from the impression of episode 1. According to Takagi who is making the game, it is hard to regulate nipples in the game, it is almost impossible even with CERO, so it seemed a bit surprised at the freedom of animation "This is cool Japan!" I was talking.

Although the content of the talk was almost extreme as well as the event of the last gore ★ Asobi, when talking about "what part of a woman's body drives a man", when the human was walking quadrupedly, " Butt "was the subject of the drive, but the chest was pushed out to the whole by evolving into a bipedal walking, and Takagi san told that the drive subject changed from" buttocks "to" tits ". This seems to be found properly by academic research, and I convinced without thinking "I see ... ...."

Even then, "Takagi's memories of the first tits of junior high school age" "depressed nipple" "eros of dripping dripping from the swimsuit" "two-way OKRivaAlthough the talk progressed in the direction in which the talk flew away greatly, the scene where the female team two people are in trouble with comment is also a thriller.

Such a 30 minute talk show will proceed to the final stage in no time, on the latest information on the "VALKYRIE DRIVE Valkyrie Drive" project. The game "VALKYRIE DRIVE - BHIKKHUNI -" for PlayStation Vita will be on sale on December 10, 2015, and the genre was "aggressive breast milk hyper battle".

"VALKYRIE DRIVE - BHIKKHUNI -" is scheduled to be released in limited quantities. Limited edition comes with "Mana Cucko Wallai Drawing Down Gorgeous Special Box", "Visual Book", "Original Soundtrack CD", "Luxurious Featured Drama CD", "Limited Edition Original Package".

Also, for first-come-first-served purchases, DLC comes with 3 special design swimwear costumes with artificial island of VALKYRIE DRIVE motif as motif for VALKYRIE DRIVE.

In addition, limited card with a serial code that can be used with "VALKYRIE DRIVE - SIREN-" will follow "First-come-first-served purchase privilege" [SR [Innocence] Kagurazaka].

The first limited edition comes with a ticket priority sale ticket of "VALKYRIE DRIVE All Star Thanksgiving" to be held in February 2016.

TV anime "VALKYRIE DRIVE - MERMAID - Valkyrie Drive Mermaid" will be broadcast on AT - X et al., TOKYO MX · Sun TV · KBS Kyoto · TV Aichi · BS 11.

Blu - ray & DVD 01 of "VALKYRIE DRIVE - MERMAID - Valkyrie Drive Mermaid" will be released on December 18.

In addition, "Virgin" "Rapid deprivation! Campaign" to give special clear file to people who reserved Blu - ray & DVD early, is being implemented from September 28, 2015.

The talk show finished successfully after the announcement of the latest information.

The participants had a surprise called "Pai Taku stamp rally" after the event. Please let me know what it was like.

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