"Behind" THE COVE "trying to counterfeit with images not drawn with anti-dolphin fishing film" The Cove "

A movie of 2009 which took up the dolphin catch fishing performed in Taiji Town, Wakayama prefecture, "The Cove(The Cove)"Although it was pointed out that a method of voyeurism was taken and a content different from the fact was claimed and there was a problem that there was a problem with the method of editing, it was a big win by winning the 82nd Academy Award It became a topic. Approximately 6 years have passed since publication in 2015, a movie attempting a disprove by The Cove by a Japanese director "Behind "THE COVE""Was made and the 39th was held in CanadaMontreal World Film FestivalAlthough it was also exhibited, its digest version has become to be seen on YouTube.

Behind "THE COVE" digest - YouTube

A movie starts from the scene where the elementary school student 's vigorous voice "I will have you!" Echoes.

The state of Sea Shepherd attacking Japanese whaling ship ... ...

Children who greet the food after a meal again with a loud voice saying "Thank you for the meal!" Sea Shepherd, who cooperated in film production, and the state of the school in Japan, which became the theme of the movie, are contrastedly drawn.

"A whale deep-fried whale" served as a school meal is one of Japanese cuisines that have been passed since long ago.

Mr. Richard Ovaly, who can also say the leading role of The Cove, on dolphins as a dolphin fishery and food, "Although it has not attracted attention in Japan certainly, it is attracting attention outside Japan," he says.

In the movie it is a cove where dolphin fishing, which had appeared in a fantastic atmosphere as a "massacre site" with "signposts" signs, is held, but the summer is open to the public and the impression is completely different.

To the dolphins that came into the cove ... ...

Children are delighted.

On the other hand, designated as an ecoterroristSea ShepherdAs members of the group arrive, a sense of tension is born in Taiji town.

Flapping pirate flag.

A lot of people gathered and it seems that they are getting sick.

Members of Sea Shepherd who tried photographing over the wire mesh which the signboard which "signs other than stake holders" is stated is displayed.

People in black T-shirts are scattered all over the city and are trying to shoot.

In addition, Sea Shepherd's internal document is also released in the movie.

There is a sentence saying "Weapons are camera and voice" ....

"Our mission is to make them miserable".

For that reason, you can point your camera anywhere in town.

Even there is a camera.

Even here it is a camera.

The streets are wrapped in strange air.

Mr. Ovaly said about his behavior, "It is only a part of men doing this, and we are not blaming the responsibility to people in Taiji Town other than them and to the Japanese of 112 million people," Description.

On the other hand, the whaling fishermen temporarily banned commercial whaling until they can evaluate whales as resourcesCommercial whaling moratorium"There was no such problem as drawn in the movie without it.

Also, at The Cove it is claimed that "dolphin meat contains a lot of mercury and is toxic", but about that, "About to withdraw dolphin meat from school lunch is to poison our children It is because I do not want to eat 'OBARIE. Apparently, those who do dolphin fishermen are aware of the toxicity of dolphins but have not disclosed facts for money, but they do not want their children to eat it.

However, the school side denies the part which is the basis of Mr. Ovaly's theory, "Dolphin meat is not offered as a meal service, but they seem to think that they are doing."

In addition, Mr. Hideki Inuki drawn as a person whose hair was collected in the work and "Mercury's positive reaction came out," Mr. Hideki Isui said, "Everyone who saw The Cove easily believes the claim in the movie. And I said that it was mercury poisoning. " In the movie, "Mercury positive response has come out", but concrete numerical values ​​were not shown.

About the appearance that the cove is dyed red, "It was changed to bright red using camera technology."

Mr. Ichiro Sanhe, Mayor of Taiji Town said, "If the United Nations can not accept Japanese dolphin fishery, we can decide that people have to eat a specific biscuit every meal." It was.

Mr. Atsushi Nakahira, chairman of Taiji town drinking dolphin fishermen's meeting, said, "The bad thing about Japanese people is to use the word" probably "or not to say their feelings clearly."

In the movie, the appearance of the townspeople shouting at the shooting side was reflected well, but it can be said that it was at least "act of showing emotion".

Simon Waan, a photographer of a documentary "Whale Wars" depicting Sea Shepherd attacking a Japanese whaling ship said, "I will tell you what was filmed and what was used for" Whale Wars " I also know the result.The material before editing and the program content of the final "Whale Wars 1" also know the difference between what actually happened, "and the content of the documentary is different from the fact It is smelling thing.

Rui Shihoyos, director of The Cove, said, "My first goal was to capture both aspects of this story, so we met both Taiji town officials and fishermen and heard their stories But they did not tell me anything when the camera was running. "It can be seen that the completion image of The Cove has changed, as he could not acquire the method of" capturing both sides ".

Pros and cons, although it is a movie, Mr. Ovaly definitively asserts that the purpose is "external pressure".

That is why even if you look at the digest version, you can read that the propaganda-like coloring was darker than the documentary that followed the truth. Director Yagi Keiko who took a movie said, "Overseas activists are putting pressure on Japanese whaling in emotion theory.When considering the balance of the environment, it is funny to protect only specific animals, because the other's food culture and religion We have to respect respect for women, but never ends. "Talked about.

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