Jobs' favorite car Why there was no license plate on Mercedes Benz

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Apple's late Steve Jobs, traditionally a black turtleneck shirt and blue jeans, New Balance sneakers were trademarks, but the car of his carSL55 AMGIt was widely known that he was riding around. However, Jobs' Mercedes Benz had not always had a license plate for some reason.

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Mr. Jobs' favorite car is photographed several times over several years that he stopped at the parking lot of the Apple headquarters, but he seems to have not been photographed with the license plate attached once. How did Mr. Jobs avoid avoiding posting license plate? The answer lies in the law of the state of California.

Mr. Jobs who read the California State Vehicle Law said, "When I bought a new car, I set a grace period of up to six months from registering license plate to installing on a vehicle". In other words, if you buy a new car, you can drive a car without wearing a license plate for up to six months. Mr. Jobs who realized this fact agreed with a company leasing Mercedes and agreed to sell off the car after riding for six months on the new car's Benz SL55 AMG and transfer to a new car of exactly the same model . As a result, Mr. Jobs was able to continue to ride a car that had not legitimately attached a license plate.

The following pictures are Jobs' favorite car · Benz SL55 AMG which is stopped at the parking lot for handicapped people in the Apple head office. The license plate mounting panel behind the vehicle is still white and the license plate is not attached.

The leasing company that Mr. Jobs bought after six months of riding could sell a car to another driver with the premier "Mr. Steve Jobs's former favorite car", and the driver who bought the Mercedes The three win Win-Win-Win relationship that "You can ride a former car of Mr. Steve Jobs" was built.

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