I tried actually touched the Windows 10 tablet "Surface Pro 4" which seems to be able to use Bali Bali as a notebook PC Movie

At the recall of Windows 10 device held on October 6, 2015 by Microsoft, Windows 10 Pro tablet "Surface Pro 4We announced. Surface Pro 4 has made a big evolution especially from the current "Surface Pro 3" in terms of hardware, and official movies that understand its performanceArs TechnicaHands-on movies are being released.

Surface Pro gets a better screen, a Skylake processor | Ars Technica

Hands-on: The Surface Pro 4 is a design that's settled down | Ars Technica

Surface Pro 4 released by Microsoft.

A new type of stylus pen "Surface Pen" indispensable for Surface has also appeared.

The new Surface Pen has five colors of silver, gold, red, blue and black.

Also, the type cover has been changed to the same level as the major upgrade.

A movie that understands the performance of Surface Pro 4 which was announced can be confirmed from the following.

The New Microsoft Surface Pro 4 - YouTube

Surface Pro 4 is the tablet with the latest Windows 10 Pro.

Windows logo on the back.

The new type cover has a fingerprint sensor, but it is said that it will be sold only in the United States. Models that do not have a fingerprint reader are also being released at the same time, and it seems that versions without fingerprint readers will be sold in Japan.

The thickness is 8.4 mm, the weight is 786 g for Core i 5 / Core i 7 model, and 766 g for Core M model. It is thinner than the current model and it has succeeded in weight reduction. Battery life is up to 9 hours when playing back movies.

The display is 12.3 inch with aspect ratio 3: 2 and the resolution is up to 2763 x 1824 px (267 ppi). It corresponds to 10 points multi-touch.

Surface Pen that connects to the main unit with Bluetooth can detect 1024 stroke pressures. You can activate Microsoft's voice assistant "Cortana" by pressing the button on the head of the pen.

Surface Pen has been changed to a type that docks with the magnet on the side of the body, so it will not be lost if this is the case.

The type cover has space between each key and it is easy to type.

It is possible to type faster and more quietly.

Key type cover is the thinnest in Microsoft product history.

The touchpad gained 40% from the current model.

It corresponds to 5 points multi-touch.

Hybrid cooling system installed.

Processor can be selected from Intel 6th generation Core M3, Core i5, Core i7.

Memory RAM supports 4/8/16 GB and storage is 128/256/512 GB / 1 TB for a wide range of applications.

The speaker is mounted on the front.

The front camera supports 5 million pixels, the rear camera supports 8 million pixels · 1080p shooting.

When you attach the type cover, it turns into a notebook PC style.

Surface Pro 4, Microsoft'sAmerican official storeCore M 3/4 GB / 128 GB is the cheapest at 899 dollars (about 108,000 yen), the top model of Core i 7/16 GB / 1 TB is 2699 dollars (about 325,000 yen) It is getting.

In the meeting place, Surface Pro 4 which was just announced was displayed and it was possible to touch the real machine.

When I put the type cover, it looks like this.

A model was also exhibited that shows the structure of the evolved type cover keyboard.

You can see how you actually touched the exhibited Surface Pro 4 from the following movie.

Microsoft's Surface Pro 4 hands-on - YouTube

Surface Pro 4 can write to take notes on the browser Edge. According to The Verge who actually touched the terminal, the new type of Surface Pen has improved writing easier than the current model.

The thin Surface Pro 4 works smoothly when opening and closing, you can work smoothly with taking out from the bag.

We are writing a line of different thickness and thickness with Surface Pen which detects the pen pressure of 2014 steps.

The fact that Surface Pen has turned into magnet docking ......

I just snapped it. The magnets are not too strong and not too weak, so they will not be removed without permission. It is convenient to be able to charge by docking to the side of the main body.

Next is a type cover.

The Verge was acclaimed that it was a type cover, which made it quite easy to type because of the space between the keys. The reaction speed at the time of input is also perfect.

This is an enlarged touchpad.

There is no problem with the reaction speed of the touchpad.

As long as I checked the video, Surface Pro 4 improved significantly from the current model, and I had the impression that it could be used as a notebook PC without problems.

The state of the presentation that Surface Pro 4 was announced can be confirmed from the following movie.

CNET News - Microsoft unveils Surface Pro 4 - YouTube

CNET News - Surface Pro 4 comes with a new Type Cover - YouTube

CNET News - Surface Pro 4 gets an all - new pen - YouTube

Also, the podcast "Backspace.fm"Is providedKoh AokiHas released a movie review which had been exhibited at the Adobe MAX venue and it is possible to check from the following movie.

Fastest Surface Pro 4 Review in #AdobeMAX - YouTube

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