The history of pain which the running machine (treadmill) has followed

A running machine (treadmill) that can run as much as you like in the room, even if there is no space, is a popular exercise equipment among sports gyms. Although it is a running machine that can persevere sweat as much as I ran and trying to maintain health, when I looked at its history, it is a movie that shows that it was a terrible penalizing tool that had been suffering many peopleThe treadmill's dark and twisted past (dark and twisted past of treadmill)"On YouTubeTED-EdIt is published on the official channel.

The treadmill's dark and twisted past - Conor Heffernan - YouTube

The running machine is a tool that keeps running running at constant speed in a restricted space.

Even if I feel like running for an hour, it is only about 10 minutes that actually has passed. Some people who have used running machines may have wondered, "Why are you tormenting yourself? Is this a kind of cruel and abnormal punishment?" not.

In the 1800's, the question was reality, and running machines were originally made to punish prisoners in the UK.

In the British prison system at the time, the scope of imprisonment and executions ranged to minor offenses, so it seems that it was in a very unfamiliar environment.

At this time,Charles DickensSocial movements celebrated by celebrities such as celebrities, religious groups and charitable organizations, and movements to improve the environment of prisoners were seen.

Success of the social move will result in the reconstruction of all British prisons and the treadmill will be created as a rehabilitation tool to improve the poor exercise environment.

The first treadmill was invented in 1818, a record of the original version of the running machine by Sir William Cubitt, a British engineer, has been invented.

Unlike a running machine running on a modern flat surface, the prisoner stepped on a huge outer ring with 24 spokes. Somewhat contemporaryStepperIt was like something like a prisoner used to power water, pumping grain, turning a windmill by continuing ascending the outer race. The name "treadmill" is "Tread= Walk ""Mill= Pulverizer / water mill "attached.

At that time the treadmill was regarded as the ideal penal instruments that the power of the windmill could be obtained in addition to the punishment to the prisoners and the power gained from the prisoners helped to rebuild the British economy that shattered violently in the Napoleonic war It was also a factor.

However, only those who are not prisoners, of course being pleased with the appearance of a treadmill. Prisoners are thought to have been on a treadmill for 6 hours a day ... ...

It is presumed that it was walking a distance of 1524 meters to 4267 meters in distance.

As for the 4267 meters, if it is a flat land it is a distance that you can walk in an hour, but since the prisoners keep climbing the outer race, it is like walking to the middle point of Everest which is so to speak as the world's highest mountain. Given that we are forced to climb up to half of Everest with only a few meals a week, we can imagine how much hard labor we were forced.

Originally it was a treadmill that was supposed to be introduced as a kind of exercise equipment, but it was introduced as an "ideal punishment instrument" in more than 50 prisons only in the UK within 10 years of the invention. Even in the United States that heard the effect, the same number of treadmills as Britain was introduced in many prisons.

With the continuation of forced labor and poor meal by the treadmill, the prisoners were weakened, and occasionally they were injured as they were caught between the outer rings.

While the situation continued, in the United States in 1824 the usage of the treadmill was reconsidered and Mr. James Hardy of the New York Prison escort appointed the treadmill as "a device that constitutes fear by continuing monotonous exercise rather than severity "And it came to be used as a tool to punish the detainee who removed the skeleton.

Meanwhile, in Britain the harsh labor of prisoners by treadmill was continued until the criminal law was reconsidered in 1898.

In 1911, a patent of treadmill was registered in the United States ......

By 1952 a machine will be completed that will be the "pioneer" of modern treadmill.

As an enthusiastic jogging boom attacked America in 1970, as a useful aerobics machine to reduce unnecessary weight, treadmills spread all at once.

The treadmill's popularity continues to the present age, and now you can see the treadmill no matter where you go to the sports gym. It is a treadmill that runs and feels like 10 minutes as an hour, but TED - Ed says "I can jump off that cruel and abnormal punishment anytime, any time."

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