A small airplane suddenly appeared on the road for automobiles, and a movie containing a happening that took off as it is being released

It is a common practice to land an airplane on the runway, but a small airplane suddenly flew into the arterial road in the state of California, USA, and an incident occurred that the aircraft landed as it is. A movie that shoots the situation is released.

OCC plane lands on local road - Coast Report Online: News

A movie that captured the whole happenings caught by a drive recorder attached to a car running on the road is a kore.

One small airplane landed on Red Hill Avenue, Irvine this evening. - YouTube

A car stopped by a signal trying to turn right at an intersection. Up to this point is a sight that is unchanging ... ...

Something crossed the intersecting road. You can hear the sound of a tire on the airplane called "Gyugu!" Grounded.

It will disappear as it is to the right of the screen.

Driver who became "!?" In that state as it is, turn right, when chase after ... ....

On a road for automobiles, I found a vehicle that is very discomforting.

Whether other cars were also taken at a possible moment, I ran by running and approached, passing by the small aircraft. Apparently I did not see any damage and I do not see any injuries. It seems to have done a lapse of time due to an engine trouble.

This plane was lost in a street called "Red Hill Avenue" in Irvine, California. It was around 18:18 in the evening that happening happened, but it was said that the street was happy fortunately that there was no accident because the street was the time zone of the return home rush.

This plane is in the nearby Costa MesaOrange Coast CollegeStudents were flying, but as soon as trouble occurred the teacher of the technical department of the school switched the maneuver. The instructor told that the engine trouble is caused, but the aircraft was just maintained before 20 flight hours, it turned out that what happened was that there was no problem at all on the flight the previous day It seems to be in a state not being.

The student on board said that it was my first flight after joining the school's "pilot training program". Although the name has not been announced, according to the instructor it seems that he was very excited soon after the landing and said he would like to fly again soon.

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