Data showing how much the 16 GB iPhone has impaired user experience

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It will be iPhone latest model in 2015"IPhone 6s" and "iPhone 6s Plus"I think that there are also people who are using the actual machine and already using it. Both models have a lineup of 16 GB / 64 GB / 128 GB for each storage capacity, and the 16 GB model is the lowest grade, but the glimpse of the actual user situation and data apparently the 16 GB model can withstand practical use There will be a glimpse that there are not parts.

16 GB is a Bad User Experience - David Smith

◆ Overwhelmingly shortage of storage capacity
David Smith, the iOS application developer, introduces the realities of the 16GB iPhone in the blog. Smith 's wife uses the iPhone 6 16 GB model released in 2014, he said he frequently shoots movies to record the growth of children. One weekend, the Smith family went camping, but when trying to put the situation of the family in the camera, it says "You can not shoot, storage space is empty," as it is displayed, after all It seems that I could not hold the moment.

Of course, there are limitations of capacity in every model, so it is not limited to the 16 GB model, but Mr. Smith wonders if there is a problem of capacity shortage that occurs frequently despite periodically securing the free capacity of the storage I feel it. It also points out that the dramatic decrease in terminal performance caused by the remaining capacity is also detracting from the user experience.

◆ Comparing "remaining capacity" by model ......
Mr. Smith is a free application to play audio book "Audiobooks"On the App Store and analyzes it based on the statistics of users obtained from it. The following graph shows which volume models are used by users of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, which became older models. From the top, the combined data (Combined) of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6 Plus, and iPhone 6 are shown, but especially on the iPhone 6, the ratio of the red 16 GB model reaches about half It is understood that it is becoming.

And the most interesting is the graph below. It shows how much capacity each user using the 16 GB model and 64 GB has left. Although 16GB of blue and 64GB of red are shown, it is shown that 37% of the users of the 16GB model actually have the remaining capacity of less than 1 GB, and the results are uniformly distributed You can see that a notable difference is born with 64 GB.

In addition, the graph plotting the details of the 16 GB model in detail. It is clear that the distribution is intensively distributed from around 2.5 GB per person, and it is clear that the number of individuals per the remaining 0.3 GB (300 MB) is the largest.

It is obvious that when you actually shoot using the camera in such a state, you will fall into a situation where you can not even keep shooting movies or still images. Of course, there is no doubt that there is a judgment of the user purchasing it by choosing the 16 GB model, but it can not be ignored in the background that Apple does not line up the 32 GB model.

Certainly, in order for "iPhone to work", 16 GB as well as 8 GB can be seen as sufficient, of course, but the storage capacity necessary to "use iPhone comfortably" by making use of various functions is not enough for 16 GB anymore The situation that the user occupies the majority is highlighted. If you are considering buying an iPhone in the future, it seems to be said that you should put this situation in one corner of your head.

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