Google is made up of 1 billion files, 2 billion lines of code, and a total of 86 TB

ByMichael Himbeault

Google's engineering manager Rachel Portbine said in a lecture titled "The Motivation for a Monolithic Codebase" that Google's system 86TB (terabyte)It was made clear that it was made of.

Google Is 2 Billion Lines of Code-And It's All in One Place | WIRED

The lecture movie is kore. The story is divided into five themes, the story about Google's repository is the first, starting from past three minutes.

The Motivation for a Monolithic Codebase Why Google Stores Billions of L - YouTube

As of January 2015, the total number of files is 1 billion, the number of source files is 9 million, the code has 2 billion rows, 35 million timescommitThere are 86 TB of contents. And the commit count for business day 1 day is 45,000 times.

The graph of cumulative commit number looks like this. The scale on the left side is up to 40, but each scale corresponds to 10 million times. It is a figure from January 1, 2000, but it was about 2012 that the commit exceeded 10 million times. The number is increasing rapidly and has increased to 35 million times as of January 2015.

"Googler" working on Google has 25,000 people working in 12 offices worldwide. The number of commits per day was 45,000 times, of which 15,000 were made by human hands, 30,000 times by automated system. The file read request reaches 1 billion times per day, and it reaches 800,000 QPS (the number of query processings per second) at peak time.

This is a graph showing the number of commits per week divided by the hand of the person and the whole. Since the unit is 1000 times, most people commit about 75,000 times a week.

While there are 15 million Linux kernels with 40,000 files, Google's repository has 250 million files and 15 million lines changed weekly by human beings. The cumulative size is 9 million files and it is 2 billion lines.

According to the official Facebook page of Windows,Windows XP was made of 45 million lines of codeAnd that. Simply comparing only the numbers means that Google has changed the repository by the equivalent of the whole Windows XP in 3 weeks.

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