I have been eating Hawaiian style French toast "Coco French Toast & Pitaya" and "Car a Poke & Eggs" that eggs like junior and honey leak out through Eggs' n Things

Eggs' n Things, famous for its pancakes with whipped cream, offers two kinds of French toasts that feel Hawaii only on autumn from September 1, 2015 (Tuesday). So, coconut and pink dragon fruit sauce was put on "Coco French Toast & Pitaya"Hawaiian local cuisine combined with French toast"Karuapoke & EggsI actually ate it.

New French toast first feel September 1st "Coco French Toast & Pitaya", "Cal Aluk & Eggs" for autumn limited sale | Eggs' n Things

Arrived at the shop. Although I visited around 15 o'clock on weekdays, queues etc were not made in particular.

Eggs' n Things specials Hawaiian Style French Toast "at stores.

I entered the store immediately, the inside of the shop is full of people despite weekdays.

There were two or four seats, but this time it was introduced to a side by side row of a big table.

I also found a picture of a newly released French toast on the desk. There are four kinds of French toasts, but the lower two are from October 16th, so this time we ordered two kinds of upper row.

Guava sauce, coconut sauce, maple syrup, ketchup etc. are placed on the table and you can season pancakes and french toast according to your preference.

After a while, "Coco French Toast & Pitaya" arrived arriving with a whip and whipped cream.

Eggs'n Things' pancake is characterized by having a whipped cream of heap, but it was also served well on the French toast.

Image photoEven though it is not so, a pink Pitaya source is hung above the French toast, it is a look of a high girls' strength.

Looking from above it looks like this.PlumeriaFlowers are imaged and five French toasts are arranged like petals.

The whole French toast had plenty of minced minced coconuts.

As I shoot with Pasabasha, whipped cream melted out quickly, so I will eat in a panic.

When I put the knife in, the baguette was soaked firmly in the egg solution and it was like a pudding or custard rather than a bread dough.

First of all, when you eat with pakuri without whipping cream, the jujutya and thick sweetness of egg liquid and honey, butter scent spread in the mouth. Although the part of Mimi is a little hard, it is soft as a whole, the finish of feeling that it is more rich than moist fluffy moist. The coconut dressed on the surface has a sharp texture and a unique flavor, and when eating it makes you feel like a southern country.

Although you can understand well when you look at the cross section, anyway the "honey" is not hemispherical, and when you continue to eat, the inside of your mouth will become sweet. Therefore, it is recommended to order drinks which are not sweet like coffee and cafe au lait together.

Because French toast is warm, whipped cream with coconut on the surface has collapsed more and more with the passage of time.

If French toast is so sweet so much, will you get drunk if you add whipped cream? I thought that whipped cream was moderately sweet and light and fluffy and light melted in the mouth quickly so it was not heavy even if you put on whipped cream. Rather it is likely that it will be tough to keep eating only the sweet French toast like honey, depending on the person, so it can be appreciated to be able to change with whipped cream.

Pitaya hung on the surface, that isDragon fruitAlthough I felt fruity juice acidity and gentle sweetness when eating it as a single item, it was an honest place that I feel almost nothing when I eat it with a sweet French toast or whipped cream like a mountain.

The 2nd item Hawaiian French toast is "Karuapoke & Eggs"

On the plate, unlike the previous one, 2 pieces of French toast of bread cut in half were running out.

First of all, when you eat it as it is, unlike Coco French Toast & Pitaya, sweetness only slightly felt from the egg solution, but rather the flavor and saltiness of butter prevailed. Dough is not like pudding, fluffiness remains, it is not a snack, it is rather French toast like a meal menu.

Liquid stuck firmly to the bottom looks like honey or maple syrup, but ....

Actually melted butter. People who like sweet and sour food may be able to put on a maple syrup on the table.

Also, the dish is Hawaiian local cuisineCulu aroundI am getting on. It's a dish to eat baked pork with cabbage etc, but it is a name I've heard somewhere ...... I think that McDonald'sHawaiian barbecue porkIt was also a menu that imaged Caro'aq.

The meat that collapses in the mouth is one of the features of Cala Paoke, but the pork used in this karua pork is rather like bacon, it has fragrance and is chewy firmly I will. The sauce on top was like BBQ sauce, felt like sweetness & acidity and spicyness was felt.

Putting kalua pork on French toast makes exquisite the juicy of pork and sauce and mellowness of French toast together.

Eggs can choose how to bake or bake, but this time we chose fried eggs with one side baked.

It is even thicker when you eat it with half-round fried egg. Because it combines buttery plenty of French toast and juicy pork, it is quite heavy overall. It seems to be good when you want to eat something made with guts when you are hungry.

In addition, 'Coco French Toast & Pitaya' is 1650 yen including tax, 'Cala Paoke & Eggs' is 1700 yen including tax. Both items are for a limited time until November 30.

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