Apple's new product launch announced "iPhone 6s & 6s Plus", "iPad Pro", "Apple TV" etc.

Apple will present a new product from 10 o'clock on September 9, 2015 (2 o'clock on September 10 th, Japan time). The announcement of "iPhone 6s" to be the new iPhone is mostly anticipated, but in addition to that, it has "IPad Pro"And a new type of" Apple TV ", etc. are being rumored. We are planning to update the contents of the new product presentation meeting which is also expected on Apple's usual "One more thing" in real time.

Apple Events - Special Event September 2015 - Apple

The state of the venue just before the recital.

The venue is larger than before.

I am excited about expectations as to what will be announced.

And Tim Cook CEO will be on the stage and finally the start of the presentation.

First from the story of the wearable terminal "Apple Watch".

The next generation watch such as health care and easy payment with Apple Pay is Apple Watch.

The feedback from the user is also very popular.

About the new OS "watch OS 2" of Apple Watch. The image below is a new dial.

With the time travel function, you can check the schedule of yesterday · today · tomorrow and check the news by turning the digital crown

Transit information is checked.

Already over 10,000 apps compatible with Apple Watch

Furthermore, because it corresponds to the native application, more versatile apps appeared. Facebook Messenger and ... ...



AirStrip and others.


With watchOS 2 you can measure the heart rate etc. in real time and display the graph on Apple Watch.

· Continued
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