Apple's new product launch announcement announced "iPhone 7/7 Plus" and "Apple Watch Series 2"

Apple will perform a new product release from 10 o'clock on September 7, 2016 (Japan time September 8, 2 o'clock). The announcement of "iPhone 7", which will become the new iPhone, is predicted mostly, the attention is about constant specifications of rumors such as abolition of earphone jack and waterproof function from the past. Also, besides the new iPhone, a new type of "Apple Watch" may also appear. We will update the product launch meeting in real time, which is also expected on Apple announcement of "One more thing" surprise announcement.

Apple Events - Keynote September 2016 - Apple

The venue in San Francisco, USA is like this.

The building also has pictures displayed on the event announcement page.

Meal is prepared in waiting space, too.

In the venue.

An iMac is placed on the platform.

Music in the hall stopped and it became dark.

At last the launch was started. One car was projected.

Tim Cook is on board in the car. Apparently it looks like she is headed to the meeting place.

I sing a song of One Ri public in the car.

Tim Cook CEO from the car will appear on the platform as it is.

First off from Apple Music.

Apple Music has reached 17 million subscribers.

Currently 30 million songs are being distributed.

The festival of Apple Music will be held in London in 5 days.

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