What is the difference between whiskey made in space and whiskey made from earth

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Malt whiskey made by Adebeg distillery "ArdbegIt has been done over the last few years using "Under microgravity (zero gravity) environmentA report on whiskey making at.

(PDF file)http://www.ardbeg.com/CDN/ardbeg-media/ardbeg/supernova/ARD9109SupernovaWhitePaperA4.pdf

Ardbeg reveals results of 'space whisky' experiment - BBC News

In response to the invitation of NanoLux, which is engaged in space experiments at the International Space Station (ISS), participated in an experiment to investigate whether the Ardbeg distillery "influence gravity on whiskey's aging" and launched whiskey · ア ー ド ベ ッ グThat was in October 2011. In the experiment started in 2012, it was observed how Ardbog aged under different gravity of ground and ISS, and in September 2014 Ardbeg returned safely to Earth.

Since it is not enough to launch a barrel in outer space, a tubular container called "MixStix" by NanoRacks was used in the experiment. In the container 6 ml of Ardbeg and oak material cut into 1 mm × 1 mm × 6 cm instead of the barrel are contained.

The conclusion by the Ardbeg distillery was "remarkably different from" Whiskey aged on the ground and mature whiskey in outer space ".

First of all, there was no significant difference in the numerical values ​​of major volatile organic compounds such as alcohol between the ground and the universe. The unit of the following numerical value is mg / l.

AnalyteISS sampleSamples on the ground
Ethyl acetate151.4155.4
Isobutyl alcohol470.1450.7
Isoamyl acetate10.511.8
2-methyl-1-butanol + 3-methyl-1-butanol1236.31169.1
Total of higher alcohols1959.61862.5
(2-methyl-1-butanol + 3-methyl-1-butanol) / isobutyl alcohol2.62.6
3-methyl-1-butanol / 2-methyl-1-butanol33

However, in the numerical values ​​of wood extracts, substances that increase in numerical value and conversely decreasing substances were observed. This is thought to be due to the fact that oak materials under microgravity are more immersed in the liquid of whiskey, resulting in a change in the extraction level of the ingredients.

AnalyteISS sampleSamples on the ground
Gallic acid3.42.8
Ellagic acid57.641.5
Coniferyl aldehyde11.314.9
Vanillic acid17.230.4
Sillic acid59.294.4

As it is shown as a numerical value, the taste and fragrance are similar to the preservative, rubber, smokefish for ISS samples, while the ground sample is sweet and sour aroma and mainly woody taste reminiscent of old Aberdebg It was a scent and taste like smoked fruit and spice · bacon.

Dr. Bill Rumsden, who is involved in whiskey making and distillation at the Ardbeg distillery, said, "When I tasted the sample that came back from space, I felt that the characteristics of Ardbeg's smoky areas and phenols became stronger. "I have never experienced this taste so far," he said after commenting, "I knew that Ardbeg had complex nature, but further aspects of the whiskey could potentially be This result shows that it exists, "he told the results of the experiment.

Incidentally, while the Ardbeg distillery focused on "making whiskey in space", it is the prestige of Scotch whiskeyBallantyneIsOpen Space Agency (OSA)We are developing a whiskey glass for use in the universe jointly.

Space Glass - Medium

This is the starting movie of the project.

Space Glass Project: The Beginning - YouTube

Ballantyne's fifth master blenderSandy HislopMr.

Mr. James P. of OSA

How to handle liquids in microgravity environment is a challenge. Mr. Par is expressed as "Challenge to realize" a wonderful cup in the universe "is as difficult as a rocket designer.

However, in order to realize the purpose, the Space Glass Project was advanced with discussions repeatedly.

Several designs will be made with 3D printers.

Next, it is a movie of microgravity test.

Space Glass Project: The Microgravity Test - YouTube

Once the design of the glass is completed, it will be tested whether you can actually take it to the universe and use it.

Can test in microgravity environmentZARM: Drop TowerMr. Toven Kanemann.

The interior of the tower looks like this

Liquid is poured into the glass

And check the state of liquid with microgravity. The left side is a convex dish and the right side is a concave dish.

Liquid did not spill from this glass.

The metal parts part is a mouthpiece, and it is a mechanism which drinks whiskey by drinking it through a tube which travels inside the glass.

Although it was not commercialized, an image image of how this glass is used will be made.

Ballantine's Space Glass - YouTube

The arm grabs the glass.

The glass is placed in the center of a somewhat large-scale apparatus.

People sitting at a distance are staring at the device.

Subsequently, the arm grips the bottle of whiskey ......

It seems that whiskey is poured into the glass.

It looks like a microenvironment, a whiskey ball is in the center of the glass.

After pouring, the equipment throws the glass towards a person.

People who receive, taste whiskey.

Outside the window ......

The sight which has never been seen spreads.

Someday will mankind who has advanced into space to enjoy whiskey ... ....

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