"Free Iconic Patent Art" site that can download data of "patent drawing poster" for free

When acquiring a patent with a new technology, I attach the illustration "patent drawing" showing the features in the application, but this patent drawing has attractiveness due to its unique texture and showed a concise mechanism Sometimes the intellectual curiosity is stimulated from the contents. Site explaining the technology of automobiles "How a Car Works"Creates data for posters based on the data of such patent drawings and publishes them for free in the site.

Free Iconic Patent Art from How a Car Works

This is an example using a patent drawing as wall art art. Just hanging it on the forehead and hanging it on the wall, the former was transformed into fashionable artwork, which was the technical drawing.

How a Car Works allows you to search patent publications onlineGoogle PatentI am working on the images contained in the past patent documents that are open to the public, and create data that can be printed as an A3 size poster and publish it on the site. Below is a partial excerpt.

A patent was published in 1961Lego blockPatent drawing. It was found that the patent was acquired in a shape that was almost the same as that of Lego manufactured as of 2015. It can be understood that the product had a very high degree of completion from the stage when the product was first planned.

The high degree of completion is also the same in the patent drawing of Lego figures. I am amazed that walking figure, standing figure, hand shape and so on are not different from the current product at all.

This is very commonly used in JapanCrosshead screwdriver and screw headPatent. Although it is a cruciform screw which is used as usual now, the cruciform screw invented in the era when minus screws were mostly seems to be highly evaluated for good workability. By the way, in the English name, we take the inventor's name "Phillips screw / driver" but it is said that it is irrelevant to electric manufacturer "Phillips".

A patent illustration entitled "Military Vehicle Body". It was no doubt that it was developed as a military vehicleJeepis.

Illustration labeled "Type-Writing Machine". If you look carefully, the keyboard part is still widely used "QWERTY array"It turns out that it is.

In unusual places like this, too. It was acquired by Walter E. Disney in 1930. "Toy or Similar Article(Toy or similar item) "seems to be a patent granted for toys designed Mickey Mouse.

In the character connection,Barbie dollsAlso the patent. Facial expression seems to be changing according to the times.

It was acquired by Mr. Leo · Fender who was the founder of guitar maker · "Fender" in 1959Electric guitarPatent. However, this is not the world's first electric guitar patents, but patents as a whole electric guitar including designs. The shape of the guitar being described is the model released in 1964Fender MustangIt is almost same.

Another one in guitar related. This patent, published in 1987, is a guitarist of the American big band "Van Halen"Edward Van HalenWhat was acquired by Mr. One of his trademarks, the performance method "light hand" (=Tapping style) Is a technique invented to stand the board on the back of the guitar and fix the fingerboard of the guitar at an angle easy to play. If there were such posters it might be boring for rock fans.

Pronouns of board games,MonopolyIn 1935 the patent was granted.

Acquired by Sikorsky Known for helicopter manufacturingA flying boatPatent. From the companyS-42 type machineWas actually manufactured, and he was active in routes crossing the North Atlantic Ocean.

Acquired by Hungarian architect, Erno RubikRubik's CubePatent. Even those who have played with Rubik's Cube, there should not be too many people who know the structure inside.

More than 20 kinds of image data of such design are posted on How a Car Works site, and it is possible to download it freely and try using it. In addition, from each design of the source site, you can also jump to the original Google patent page and check the details.

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